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Faceless Morty’s file

Faceless Morty

A random Morty in a worl of mortys
Oct 5, 2017
::::::::::::Acessing file:::::::::::::
Name: Mars Lance
Rank: CO
Status: OL (On leave recovering from past injuries)

Physical description:
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Ethnicity: Native American descendant, African American, and Caucasian
Build: Mesomorph
Height: 6,4
Weight: 194.3 lbs
Age: 25

Last seen: Outpost Alpha, boarding a pelican to go back to Concord, in the Zeta Doradus system, to receive physical therapy for the 2nd time.

Service record:
Infantry Zulu
(Highest rank achieved PVT)

Navy Recon
(Highest rank achieved CO)

Received certification for ENG as Navy recon, Received certification for EOD as Prowler

Relatives: Mother: Unknown, Father: Unknown
Sibling: Mark Lance: Killed in Covenat attack on Concord
POB: Concord of the Zeta Doradus system

Notable events: Detained by 3 MPs after attacking Agent [corrupted, unable to decode] in suspicion of killing Civilian Child [deleted] while in the medic bay. Talk of Discharge until ONI pardoned him of his actions. While he was a Navy recon specialist, Mars maintained control of UNSC HOPE while it was under fire from Covaent Scarabs. After front booster failure Mars was launched out the ship’s window and sent sprawling 20,000 ft above Outpost Charlie. The only reason Mars survived this fall was because of the Decommissioned UNSC NAVY Recon “rocket boots”. Even with the rocket boots. Mars still inquired Major injuries, Mars was found in a crater 7ft deep and 10 ft wide. His Legs were bent at a 154 degree angle and tailbone was shattered, After recieveing medical attention, Mars was put on leave because he had to stay in a wheelchair for 6 months, while recieveing physical therapy for 3 months. Several months later, Covenant another attempted a attack on outpost Charlie. According to several Marnies of the Zulu squadron reported that Prowlers has flown in with Mars in the lead, Mars was seen diving into a battalion of elites with a LMG and screaming “Kicking ass and taking names!!”. Later he was found close to the edge of the Frozen Lake surrounded by elite and grunt bodies, ( 13 Elites, 22 grunts counted) with a Crystal shard penetrated through his armor and his helmet completely destroyed.

Backstory: All that is known about Prowler Mars is that his POB is Concord of the Zeta Doradus system, his whole family was killed in the attack on Concord. It is unknown how he survived the attack or who he stayed with for the duration of his childhood, for he would not disclose that information. Current History: He joined the Zulu Marine training at the age of 22. Mars is known for a aggressive attitude and voitile personality, Promotion was prevented multiple times due to disrespect of commanding officers or higher ups. While he is extraordinary in combat, he lacks the behavior suitable for higher ranking positions. Mars is put on the medical watchlist for sustaining record of most injuries inquired during his time of service.

Current list of injuries in time of service:
19 total broken ribs
3 concussions
2 Hairline fractures in both arms( combat with ONI Agent)
1 shattered tailbone
2 broken tibias
2 punctions in the lungs

OOC: this was really fun to do, even though I can note Mars did get injured a lot more times, none were quite as bad as his leg injury lol
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