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FaithReturned's Gamemaker Application

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Apr 2, 2021
Steam ID: [ https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198331707166 / STEAM_0:0:0 ]

What are the current names you have in-game?:

- Supervisor Jade

- W54 Pvt Madeline

- Epsilon AI Dandelion

How long have you been a part of the server?:

- Roughly Three Years now. A lot of On and off.

Do you have any bans/warnings?:
-What were these bans for?:

As far as I'm aware, I don't have any bans and or warnings but I may be mistaken! If I do it would be very helpful to know what I have on my profile.

What is your age? [Minimum 15]:


Do you have a microphone? [Required]:


Do you have TeamSpeak? [Required]:
-What is your name in TeamSpeak?:

Yes, I have TS.

Supervisor Jade / Jade / Faith

Do you have Discord? [Required]:
-What is your discord ID?: [Example: Username01#1111]


Are you currently staff on a different server? Are you willing to leave that staff position for the one you are applying for?:

I am not staff on any server as of right now!


Experience with staffing [ULX, other servers, etc.]:

I have been a Trial Game Maker On Revival Servers Halo RP before.

How active are you on the server?:

I clock in roughly at least eight hours every day on the server, sometimes more.

When are you usually available? [Days of Week/Time/Time zone]:

Typically I'm available most days after 3 PM PST. Unless I have work.

(But I'm typically scheduled to work the weekends.)

So every day of the week unless something comes up or work says: "Hey time to give us your soul."

What do you believe to be your best qualities that can contribute to being a Gamemaker?:

- Creative Mind
- Dungeon Master of over Five years
- Quick Thinking and improvisation.
- I hear from many that I'm a relatively nice person.
- Empathetic.

What do you plan to do as a Gamemaker?: [50+ Words]

As a Gamemaker, I'm here to conduct and create stories that will weave people into an experience and setting that allows them to have fun on the server.
Be this by creating passive RP during down-time (Low populated times) One-Shot events that can be provided as filler or something to do. Engaging storylines that take span over a week or a month. Alongside my own ideas and inventions, I'd be helping other Gamemakers with their ideas and storylines that they wish to create!

What 10 Commands do you know about that are in SAM and what exactly do they do?:

- goto - This allows the person typing the command to teleport to another player. Ex: !goto Jade (TGM Faith Has teleported to Jade)
- bring - The counterpart to goto, this allows someone to bring a player to me. Ex: !bring Jade (TGM Faith has brought jade to their position)
- give - This allows someone to give a specific item or weapon to another player. Ex: !give Jade revival_c12
- giveammo - this gives a player ammunition for all the weapons in their inventory. Ex: !giveammo ^ 400 (TGM Faith has given themselves 400 Ammo)
- scale - This sets the player's camera scale to a specific height. Ex: !scale ^ 1.15
- hp - this sets the hp of a target player. Ex. !hp Jade 600
- armor - this gives a player a certain amount of armor. Doesn't work with whitelists that have shields. Ex. !armor HOJ 400
- kick - kicks a player from the server. Ex. !kick FailRP (You've been kicked from the Server! Reason: FailRP)
- menu - opens up the menu that is used for giving tags, reset the map, and change the map.
- respawn - Respawns yourself or a targetted player.

What is In character and what is Out of character?:

In Character (IC):

In character is the state in which you actively playing as your character. Everything you say and do are considered as actions your character would do. For example pulling out a shotgun and aiming at someone randomly is considered an IC action. People can react in shock or in hostility. Certain things are always considered IN-Character, such as Voice. Certain Teamspeak channels are also marked as In-character as well which means you must be In-Character when within those channels.

Out Of Character (OOC):

Out of character is the opposite of in character. This is when everything you say or do is taken as Out Of Character. Your character is not doing the actions you are performing, and you are no longer portraying your character. Talking OOCly can be marked by the following: .// - || - ( Aha ) - /ooc.

Do you believe you are able to work with a myriad of different people, some of which may have different opinions than yours?:

I Do. I've done so before and I am prepared to do so again!

What do you believe the job of a Gamemaker entails?:

- Creating engaging and meaningful off-map events for players to partake in.
- These events should have taskings for everyone so that no one feels left out. (Admittedly a hard feat to do.)
- Creating RP in downtime/low-time that would allow for people to have something to engage with and keep their attention on the server. (Random URF Attacks, Janitors, Food Poisoning, Generator Checks and so much more.)
- Being able to handle criticism because not everyone one of your events is going to be a banger, and that, is okay.
- Being a friendly and supportive member of the community, one that can be looked to as respectful and creative.

Give us a full event idea that you have. [3+ Paragraphs]:

The arms dealers

Keep in mind this may be an event I wish to perform in the future! To avoid spoilers as players I advise you don't read this part <3

Firstly I would request permission from the forerunner lead in order to perform this event as it involves Forerunner technology.

(Starting with an On Map)
The Ressurection Deployment of the UNSC was simply operating as normal when all of a sudden 'KABAAM' a Rupture in space occurs! Three URF Marked Frigates appear in high orbit and an onslaught of pelicans begin to fly down and deploy URF Soldiers and commandos. But... somethings different about this deployment. Their weaponry- it isn't standard ammunition. These URF have strange new and improved weaponry that is allowing them to tear through the UNSC! They're holding Forerunner weaponry- and these ungodly machines are allowing them to absolutely wipe out the UNSC. Once the main force is wiped out, the URF would retreat as they were... 'testing' their new toys.

Upon further inspection, the UNSC may notice that these weapons have been marked by a silly address somewhere in the universe. Some sort of sales pitch you could say With this new information, the UNSC would be lead off to a shady colony (Using the Sanctuary Map) Where an arms dealer has been selling Forerunner Technology. Interrogation may prove futile as the more detective work the UNSC forces do, the more they uncover about this forerunner weapons operation. The investigation part of this event line may lead them off-world to a Fore-world which is heavily enforced by both URF and Forerunners. A large force may have to be prepped in order to shut down this operation!

Finally, the final fight will be fought. UNSC will send their detachments off to the Fore-World in order to discover and stop exactly what's been going on. A faulty monitor most likely, but who knows until the climax of the plot. They would fight their way through the onslaughts of Forerunner and URF in order to finally find the source as to where these weapons are being produced in order to shut it down. As such, a fight between URF, Forerunner, UNSC, And possibly testing... 'infected' may be had in order to put an end to this faulty forerunner Unit's mass production of weaponry.

I leave a lot of this to the imagination as there are details that need to be worked out, but this is roughly one of the many ideas I've had for a possible Event!

Did any current Gamemaker refer you to apply?:
- SGM Vader/Ace
- SGM Rivers
- GM Milkies

I, FaithReturned, Agree and understand that I am not staff, and it is not my job to do staff duties, unless there is 0 staff on I will not use my commands unless needed. I also agree that I will not no-clip/abuse my powers.

I, FaithReturned, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in a warning or a demotion.

I, FaithReturned, Swear to uphold the server rules and enforce them. I will make sure to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within GM's, as well as keep a calm head and clear judgement when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

And that if I. FaithReturned, am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from GM's and or staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed Necessary.
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Mar 22, 2021
Great person in general, brings forth good ideas and would make a good asset for the team!


Jul 9, 2018
Faith has an amazing idea of what it takes to be a GM. I'm sure they would he an amazing addition to their team.
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