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Final Goodbyes that should have been posted long ago


Mar 17, 2017
I've been known by a few names on the server. Internet, Zhanli, Exanli, Dagon, and Exanli II. I've spent months of in game time on revival and I regret very few hours total of my time spent here. (I've played since 2016 give or take)

I have good memories founding Dogma with BGen Utah, Creating and spending time with the Medical Scientists Branch of Medical, Being one of the most active and senior MPs, Leading Zulu, Kilo, Victor as leads for each one, Leading Orion, Being apart of Whiskey and I could go on and on.
Things changed when I had a disagreement with UM on a certain discord situation that happened a long time ago. I felt someone should have been Punished and UM did not.
Things got spicy to say the least. One day while the discord stuff was still going down I joked about RDM and got Comm Banned. (In text only y'all still need to Comm ban me https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129214234 ). [Cont. after getting comm banned for a joke I made I just had it with RS and I said some things that were too hot a topic for certain individuals and it made them made angry and I didn't officially say my endings here because of my anger. So im doing it now.

Goodbye to the Revival Community. We had a good run, but its over now. I will never join back even if I get unbanned. RS was too stressful at times and I focused more on RS than my real life. My life has been much happier since I was comm banned, but even now I hope the Community the best and hope RS continues to improve upon itself.