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Flotilla Marines Personnel File: Romm'Heesal vas Haeji


Jul 3, 2017



> YourName :: Romm’Heesal nar Vidoruk

Accessing Flotilla Marine Data card….

Loading Military file



Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

[Marine back row, second to the left]

Full Name: Romm’Heesal nar Vidoruk

Pronunciation: RR-ommn’Hee-sael vaas Hae-ye

Nickname/Alias: N/A

Meaning: “Romm” has the meaning of Honor, Valor one who is willing to put is life forth for the protection of his people.

Origin: Germano-Romanian names

Title: N/A

Pet Name: Suit Rat- That is all.

ID Number: 667932

Signature: Romm’Heesal vas Haeji

Gender: Male

Gender Role: Major Masculinity

Orientation :Straight

Real Age: 26

Age Appearance: He stands tall and young, with a broad stance of a hardened marine in his Quarian suit, it is hard to tell the age, but due to his brisk and broad like look he’d be given the look of a young lad

Birthday: 12/2/2161

Deathday: N/A

Birthplace: Liveship Vidoruk

Immediate Family: Mother and Father; both Biological

Distant Family:Father

Parenting: Mother: Kind, loving caring, strict

Father: Loveing, Caring, strict, Militaristic

Upbringing: High Militarism, Obedience, and to care for your loved ones and your fellow country men, to always be respectful, and keep the ones you love safe, and the home you were born in safer.

Infancy: 0-10; Romm was in a Sani-Bubble for most his life, he was watched over by his mother while his father went off to war. She did teach him though while he was in this Sani-Bubble, waddling around like a bumbling child, just like all other Quarian children.

Childhood: 10-14; He was raised by both mother and father, but leaned towards his fathers militaristic ways, he was a loved kid, and was a great sport to be around. He didn’t take kindly to insults, and had none of it, he had no trouble with other Quarian children, but he was quite.. The strict one also.

Adolescence: 14-18; During these years he started to train more for the Flotilla marines, he didn’t see his mother much but still visited her, he was around his father a lot, and didn’t get into any Drama with the other Quarian teenagers, he spent most his time training his body, and getting better to soon join up. He also started to get a very nationalistic standpoint in life

Adulthood: 18+; Romm joined the Flotilla marines and spent a good five years in it; he suffered the loss of his mother which hurt him a lot. But Romm served in the Flotilla marines and served in the major battles his people had, including the taking of Rannoch, he suffered the losses of his squad mates, and brothers and sisters. But he still served on till it was time to join in his Pilgrimage

Coming of Age: Finished his Pilgrimage at the age of twenty-six, and has now become of age. He is currently still a member of the Flotilla Marines of the Quarian flotilla

Evolution: This Character turned from a Naive little boy, into a strong broad Militaristic man, just because of his father and mother, and the Marine corp, he is highly strict and has a good set of morals.”

Species: Quarian

Ethnicity: N/A

Blood Type: O-

Preferred Hand: Right

Facial Type: Square with a broad chin, and toned jawline

Eye Color: Silver

Hair Color Black

Hairstyle: Short, but shaved at the sides

Skin Tone: Pale Purple

Complexion: Pale Purple

Makeup: Quarian markins going above his eyebrows and forehead

Body Type: Mesomorph

Build: Average length of limbs, but very built and toned body, very broad stance.

Height: 5’9

Weight: 180 Pounds

Cup Size: N/A

Facial Hair: Clean shave

Shoe Size: 10

Birthmarks/scars: Plasma scar over left eye

Distinguishing Features: Romm would have to Distinguishing Features, just the Average Quarian male, with all them looks, but he does have a nice Broad fit marine look

Health: Very Healthy

Energy: Has the Energy of a fresh marine

Memory: Too well

Senses: Not that he knows of, but a lack of touch due to his suit

Allergies: Quarian allergies

Handicaps: Blind left eye

Medication: Anti-Rejection pills

Phobias: Mysophobia- Duh he’s a Quarian dude

Addictions: No Addictions.

Mental Disorders: PTSD

Style: Very upright and professional, he wears a very Militaristic style to his clothing, and is very strict about it.

Mode of Dress: His Suit is skin tight and well fastened to himself, his helmet is also very locked up tight to his head; the Hoods around his head are tight and well kept

Grooming: Makes sure his suit is clean and dandy.

Posture: Very broad and strict posture to this man, stands tall and straight almost all the time

Gait: He walks at a Marching pace whenever he walks around, with the style of a military march also, very strict and upright.

Coordination: He is very well physically fit due to his time serving in the military and the need to be because of his enviro-suit, he has good reflexes and reaction times due to his military training

Habits and Mannerisms: When he gets Nervous he moves his hand up to rub the Female Quarian hood that's tied around his neck; he’ll also act a bit shy, and avoid visor contact when interested. He does like to tap his feet, but play around with his suit too.

Scent: He smells very sterile, and almost a bit like a cigarette. But he does have the military smell to him

Mood: Happy, and well off

Attitude: Very professional, and welcoming at first.

Stability: Very stable, and strong.

Expressiveness: Only to those he trusts well enough does he show his deep emotions too, but he hides his emotions to others he does not trust.

When Happy: He will walk in a marching fashion, and will have a soft, calm Quarian accent to his speak. He’ll also stand up straight, and broad

When Depressed: Would usually be slouching around, or just none talkative or responsive to people, but mostly he hides depression

When Angry: He’ll speak with a much louder, raspier tone, that would be booming and quite deep, his stance would be defensive and very broad

Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: Centurion

Community: Joint Task Force ship, good enough for me- glad to be around other military members

Family: Father; Jaar’Heesal vas Vidoruk

Mother: Rikke’Heesal nar Vidoruk

Wardrobe: This Character wears a black and grey Camoed Heavy Quarian Marine combat Enviro-Suit, His hood would be black around his head and worn tightly, and around his neck would be a blue female Quarian hood, around his chest would be the rest of his black hood along with a belt with a purple buckle and maglock, on his suits shoulder guards would be Purple Flotilla marines insignias. His Visor would be purple translucent

Equipment: Wears a kit bag around his lower back, his main weapon is an Avenger rifle, but has a Adas Rifle stored away in his locker.

Trinkets: Female Quarian hood tied around his neck

Funds: Not the greatest

Home: He lived on a Live ship, in a small apartment shared with the rest of his family, even grandparents and cousins, and aunts, uncles. Very cramped area to be exact not a lot of privacy.

Neighborhood: It was on a Quarian fleet, so very nice, and kind people, but also a militaristic part of the ship he grew up on

Transportation: N/A

License Plate Number: N/A

Collections: Medals and old military things, and stuff he’s collected from when he was on tour with the Marines.

Most valuable possession: N/A

Prized Possession: The Female Quarian hood around his neck

Occupation: Infantryman

Work Ethnic: Fight till the bitter end for your people and the home you left behind, for in the end what happens when you don’t, and you look back and their suffering, fight.. For they are counting on you

Rank: Officers, Second Lieutenant

MOS: Leadership

Income: Officers pay

Wealth Status: Officers Wealth
Experience: Flotilla Marines training, along with five years of service, and advanced combat training
Special Ops advanced training camp, Leadership courses, Infiltration Training.

Organizations/Affiliations: Quarian Flotilla Special Ops; Luna Corperation

IQ: 120

Education: Engineering, and Military

School: Classified

Grade: Acceptional

Special Education: N/A

Social Stereotype: Respectable person

Degrees: Classified

Intelligence: Militaristic, and Logical

Religion:Quarian Ancestral Worship

Morals: Everything for the country; Justice is above all. Everyone has a part in society, and part to their homeland

Crime Record: Classified

Motivation: The country, and the girl he left behind.

Priorities: Country as his first, loved one's second, and his own life third

Philosophy: Life is a gift given to some to live and have happiness, and in that gift there is also people who wish to abuse this and make suffering of others; there are certain people who sign their lives away to keep that from happening, people who go off to fight while leaving his home and loved ones behind him, all in the name of keeping his people, and his country safe. Death as much as it is scary, is apart of life, and there is no hiding from it, it is bound to happen soon, and as a marine you learn to accept death for it is a calling that you have done your part.

Political Party: Para-Militaristic, hint of Nationalism.

Etiquette: Well mannered Military Etiquette

Culture: Raise their right palm to chest height and say Keelah’Se’lai “Peace be with you, or To the homeworld which I may see some day”

Influences: The Flotilla marines, and his Father and mother.

Relates to: American Marines.

Traditions: Speaking with the Ancestors of his people once a month

Superstitions: Hood tied around his neck is a sign of good luck to him

Main Goal: To get by in life, and do what he’s always been doing protecting people, and one day wanting to return to his fleet

Minor Goals/Ambitions: He is trying to complete his Pilgrimage so he can mature.

Career: Admiral in the Flotilla fleet

Desires: Affection… Love.

Wishlist: N/A

Accomplishments: Became a Quarian marine

Greatest Achievement: Becoming a Flotilla marine

Biggest Failure: None yet

Secrets: There are too many, and some that need to stay secret

Regrets:Not spending enough time with his mother

Worries: Getting sick and dying a painful death.

Best Dream: Getting married and starting a family on Rannoch

Worst Nightmare: Dying 0 alone.

Best Memories: The time spent with his mother

Worst Memories: The death of his mother

Hobbies/Interests: Likes to talk, and perform suit maintenance

Skills/Talents: Only Talent he has is being a soldier.

Likes:Respectable disciplined people, caring people, Militarism, to take his suit off for once

Dislikes: Man babies, Disrespectful racist people, suit breaches, being exposed to the open air, Anti-war supporters

Sense of Humor: Mixed

Pet Peeves: People act weak around him, show a lot of disrespect. Or blatantly lie

Superstitions/Beliefs: This man is an Alien himself dude, Quarian

Dreams/Nightmares: Dreams of some day going back Rannoch

Quirks: Nothing really yet.

Savvy: Politics and military.

Can't understand: Humans, Asari.

Closet Hobby: Sleeping with his rifle

Guilty Pleasure: Classified

Strengths: Brave, disciplined, and well mannered

Flaws: Can get tempered at times, but usually stays quiet

Perception: The world is full of Danger and enemies

Conflicts: They want to move to Rannoch, and still continue his military career, but cant have both because of the Flotilla.

Instincts: Safety, and cover.

Lures: Kind hearted people.

Soft Spot: Affection, and small acts of kindness

Cruel Streak: The killing of a loved one, or the disrespect of one’s home and desecration of his ancestors.

Languages: Quarian

Accent: Romanian

Voice: Deep booming voice, with a raspy tint

Speech Impediments: Slight slur

Greetings and Farewells, Greetings: Good day/Evening Miss, mister; Farewells: Keelah’Se’lai

State of Mind: Hey Romm how are you? “ Oh well, I mean, i’m hurting but i’m a respectable man and I fight for good things… I just want a little affection that’d be nice.. Being in a suit and all

Compliment: You’re looking, quite well… er- nice? Strict?

Insult: You’re a Bosh’tet and need to go space yourself you damn munk

Expletive: Bosh’tet, Damn, shit!

Laughter: Low and quite smooth.

Tag Line: Well, uh, okay

Signature Quote: Listen; if you stop moving now, think about the people who are back behind you counting on you to keep them safe, counting on you to stop the force of evil from hurting them, c’mon brother on your feet you ain’t out of action yet.

Reputation: probably just another Quarian looking for sex, or just completely racist towards them, but.. He doesn’t want to bone really.

First Impressions: Another strict military man.

Stranger Impressions: Well dude, i’m pretty sure this Quarian likes to get it on like the rest of the crew, heard he got a rash.

Friendly Impressions: He’s cute, good listener, and well… I like his ego and personality

Enemy Impressions:I hate this man, he’s too much of a disciplined person, and he’s bland; he needs to be stopped

Familiar Impressions: Family; My son is such a good respectable person, who is kind hearted. Girlfriend; Romm, I love him.. He’s handsome even with the suit on.. He’s kind, he’s also got a funny ego.

Compliments: Hey handsome. Theres my second favorite Quarian on the ship. You’re a good soldier and a respectable man.

Insults: You’re a damn Suit rat, and you took your suit off

Self-Impression:I.. Think i’m alright, I mean i’m a soldier, and i’m very respectable, my morals are solid, and i’m a good person.


|-| Angel |-| - |-| Loved |-| - |-| Family Loved |-| - |-| Love Interest |-| - |-| Great Friend |-| - |-| Friend |-| - |-| Liked |-| - |-| Acquaintance |-| - |-| Unsure |-| - |-| Neutral |-| - |-| Slight Dislike |-| - |-| Dislike |-| - |-| Hate |-| - |-| Despise |-| - |-| Death Wish |-| - |-| Demon |-|

Lyseca Rondook: Well, this lucky lady had the chance to sit down next to me while I was browsing through the net, and well, she talked with me pretty funny girl, knows to joke and she's a human marine. One thing I found very... inspiring is that, she took interest in my suit.. and myself, also.. she cares. Cares a lot, that's all i'm giving.
**Update** It would seem I have gotten to know this German human quite well, and I well.. first time a Human took interest in a Quarian marine as myself.. I uh, well.. yeah, i've fallen inlove with her, and she means a lot to me. I uh.. I feel like I can create a very strong bond with her- I won't get into too much details about her, but I have uh.. adapted to her.. heh
***Update*** This woman has been in my life for a couple months now, and i'm glad to have her say the least, she's been there for me and well, is a great person over all, stayed by my bedside when I was in critical condition but other than that. I think I have plans for her in the future.. if she stays

Brett Simmons: Brett, he's a good guy. Glad to call him a friend and a Sergeant, he's an alliance marine pretty cool, and damn he knows how to lead. He knows something about me, and i'm glad he understands my pain

Elizabeth Cross: Pretty nice woman, she's got the right mind set. I think I can consider her a friend honestly, I talked to her on a personal level... I think it was, eh I dunno. But she did help me with a few things.
**Update** You need to learn Cross, i'm sure i can probably put something into your head, I hope you listen but Cross, stop asking for recognition

Alana: Hmm, Alana... Alana, oh I know now. She's that nice human woman that was there when Brett was talking to me on a Personal level... yeah hard times I was in. But I do hope she's well, I believe the last thing she was wanting was to be friends. Pretty friendly girl actually, don't see wrong in her.

Shela'Ri: Fellow Quarian marine, seems alright... don't know much about her though, should talk more. other than that good girl.
*Update* Shela, the new sergeant from my recommendation, she seems to be a nice woman. Damn older than me too, but- hmm.. something seems off about her, I can tell she's got the PTSD shit like most of use military men. But hope she doesn't fuck up on her promotion. Stay safe
**Update** Huh, you're pretty neat, didn't know that you suggested me as a Lieutenant, I have to say it was nice, thank you.

Tidus: Now he's an interesting man, a drell. Haven't really spoken to him that much but when I did, he is very fun to talk to, interesting culture of his people and his views... one thing I did not like is his insults on the field, you're a medical staff you have no authority over Infantry.

Sarah Parker: Hmm, something off about her, she has a very upbeat personality for a military shit, seems too happy. hmm, something weird about her don't know.]

Damien: Eh, drunk Irish, not a lot of manners. Seems to be kind of an asshole but he's funny sometimes

Deius: I.. hmm, he's very.. on edge really, I can tell he has a lot of shit on his plate right now. Probably something holding him down, just wish he wasn't such a dick to people and gloomy, he's a corporal you need to act professional and good to the other enlisted. Take it easy alright
**Update** Hes' getting kind of better... I think, but his interference in disciplining people is getting quite annoying, hopefully I can show him that to discipline some people, you need to strike fear into them so that they'd learn.

Audiles: No... comment.
Most the Crew: Well, you are all most of my responsibility, your lack of discipline and respect is whats going to put you all into the drain, I have to say it infuriates me when a Private shows Zero discipline and expects that they're not going to get any punishment for speaking their mind. I'll lead you all to safety, but expect high punishment and disciplinary actions
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