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Gentleman Jay's amazing application for a Turian bitch

May 22, 2017
United Kingdom

Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:32663225.

How long have You played on the server? : 5 Months.

Characters Name / Nicknames : Dexivia Alcolus / N/A.

Character’s Race : Turian.

Character’s Gender : Female.

Requested position aboard the Ship : Infantry, Sniper (SP).

Equipment :

  • Customized Omni-Tool for hacking and scanning of interesting peoples or items.

  • Long-Range Communicatior.

  • Binoculars for both night vision and terminal spectrum.

  • Survival-Kit with stored food, extra ammo and a small amount of personal medical supplies for small wounds or to stabilise for better medical treatment

Weaponry :

  • M-92 ‘Mantis’ w/ Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod V(5), Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel V(5), Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod V(5), Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope V(5);

  • M-9 ‘Tempest’ w/ SMG High Caliber Barrel V(5), SMG Recoil System V(5), SMG Power Magnifier V(5), SMG Scope V(5);

  • Standard Monomolecular Blade

Gear :

  • Light Reinforced Armor, Customized;

  • Light Reinforced Helmet, Customized;

  • Reinforced Overalls /w hood, covering the main armor plates;


  • Heavy Muscle Weave VII(7) (Microfiber Weave).

  • Heavy Skin Weave VII(7) (Lattice Shunting).

Abilities :

  • ‘Tactical Cloak’.

  • ‘Overload’.

  • ‘Energy Drain’.

  • ‘Tactical Scan’.

  • ‘Proximity Mine’.

  • ‘Homing Grenade’.

  • ‘Stimulant Pack’.

  • ‘Fitness’.

Characters Alignment : Lawful Evil, "Dominator".

Character’s Backstory: Dexivia was born year 2140 into the Alcolus family, on an Turian colony called Triginta Petra. A low-density planet in comparison to planet Earth, Triginta Petra is also dry like that of Earth’s deserts, with wide land masses that are largely desert. Its dextro-chirality native life has yet to make it out of the oceans that cover the planet’s surface, the colonies main production is primarily producing cyanobacteria which provides a limited amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. A handful of Turians colonized the planet and attempted to introduce plants for the further providing of the colonies residents. Their chief hurdle was the lack of good soil for the plants to grown on, which required imports and sophisticated farming practices to overcome. The farmer's motto on Triginta Petra was "If you can last five seasons, you officially know what you're doing."

A rather harsh environment, to which Dexivia was introduced, it made her grow up faster than your usual Turian kid, leaving childish pastimes, toys and other such items to those who could afford it, discipline, priorities and strength of personality, those where shoved down her throat and grew warm in heart during her early childhood.

Upon her own request, she would leave the parent’s safe, providing nest at the age of seventeen at an earlier stage than many, joining a junior boot-camp on her species home planet, standard training lead onto extended training thanks to her natural ability behind a scope, which she followed with joining the Military Academy again on her home planet of Palaven to further improve her overall skills as a dangerous sniper, skilled solo operative and intelligence gathering abilities, intelligent without a fault with steady hands and a crack-eye for details along with being utterly emotionless when she is active in the field, a wondrous combo that led her promotion to second lieutenant after she had completed her training.

After graduating the Academy in age of 25, she would be transferred and commissioned to the 79th Flotilla, serving there for ten years, and as a result, at the age of 35 she would be given an opportunity to join the famous 43rd Marine Division, which was founded during the ancient Unification Wars that rocked Palaven over two thousand years ago. The 43rd maintains relations with other Council races, running joint training exercises with Asari, Salarian, and more recently, Alliance military forces. Knowing how their allies fight has become something of an asset, as the 43rd's troops have the discipline and experience to integrate into any army, on any battlefield, which in eleven years of almost flawless service and one devastating Reaper War, helped her to be hired by the PTFC known as ‘The Multispecies Initiative’, that was based aboard a recently created Turian frigate.

What is your character's goal aboard the Ship? : Dexivia is currently looking into improving her skills and abilities as an intelligence operative, along with trying to find some worth outside of of her strict military fashion. She wishes to learn more about the universe that surrounds her from her own eyes, rather than that of pictures, or videos.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : She was hired due to the multiple recommendations from her superiors, positive comments and reviews from higher command staff and soldiers she served with prior to PTFC and various other reasons, including her cool head, her skills as a sniper and her scouting abilities/intelligence gathering skills.
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