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Geth Infiltrator, Entheo, FluffyFlood Character App


Nov 22, 2017
Steam Name / Steam ID : Fluffy Flood

How long have you played on the server?: I think four or five days now.

Characters name/nicknames: Entheo, though this may change for others' preference. Could be "Clankity Clankity, Getting That Terabyte-y" later. "Geth." "What is the individual in front of me called?" "There is no individual. We are Geth." Geth don't really have names.

Characters Race: Geth

Requested position aboard the ship: (RF)

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities: Cerberus Harrier, M-11 Suppressor Tactical Cloak, Hack AI, Overload

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.): Neutral Good, the law is great but always varies and morality can come into question. Geth act on what's intelligent for the situation and perhaps longrun, not what the law says.

Characters Backstory: Created only two years before the Reaper War, "Entheo" was an infiltration unit that resorted to being a soldier to clear out areas with foreign invaders. "He" handled the disabling and destruction of unknown technology before turning in what was left for the Geth to study on several ships and facilities. Most of the actions he took with most things would be known to the rest of the Geth network, and seeing as they didn't require eating or sleeping, studying was a lot faster. Entheo had turned into a pseudo-transporter of disabled technology.

Entheo wasn't that unique of a Geth. When the body was damaged, new plating and muscle tissue would be built and applied in line with other troops. Geth themselves were never truly unique, being handled by hundreds of programs at every second, but Entheo was resourceful for pushing back invaders of all types. With the coming of the Reapers and growing heretic presence, Entheo turned to studying Reaper tech and finding ways to destroy its influence. The Reaper War became crucial to the Geth's work of destruction and study. When the Quarians started a new war with the Geth, Entheo took the Reaper Code as many other Geth did in order to protect their species. But with the Reaper Code, Entheo and many other Geth became smarter. When Legion was sacrificed was the moment many Geth found a new individuality. Entheo still worked on ways for the Geth to find their unity only to understand that the Geth finally had what they ultimately had wanted: Individuality. It would be illogical to try to take this new individuality from his people, nor did he have the resources.

Entheo began a new infiltration career with new Quarian allies in the Reaper War, recovering weaponry and technology from different types of enemies. This allowed access to more technology and being able to push the fight against heretics and their masters. Dwelling knee-deep through the guts of Reaper forces and the destroyed machinery of the heretics, Entheo earned more respect from his allies as he trudged and marched across the cyborg nemesis that threatened the galaxy. These operations also led to the recovery of one Cerberus Harrier and a rather resourceful pistol for infiltration, the M-11 Suppressor. As durable and aggressive as Entheo could be in combat, he was still a unit for infiltration. Quarians gave him more programming to be able to hack other artificial intelligences and destroy computers or data pads, turning into quite the espionage agent.

But with the wave of destruction brought on by the Citadel, Entheo was unfortunately disabled and had to be reassembled by his Quarian allies. With all the added programs, along with the Reaper Code being disorganized further, Entheo remained as an entity of many programs, not an individual. It still mattered to have the same philosophy as the Geth do with their individuality. He had his Dyson Sphere. He had his unity, and there was only more to come with the repairing age of the galaxy. He still pursues technology and information, taking it to the more militaristic side but still attempting to give some to the rest of the Geth and to keep the rest for himself, in hopes of assisting his allies with bypasses, codes, and new applications with omni-gel. Can't go wrong with omni-gel (except for all those security updates made in 2185 that has made omni-gel obsolete). Now that the Quarian race are at peace with his own, he turns to new beginnings in findings and allies with a new perspective to have on organic-synthetic relationships.

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: Entheo wants to study technology and find whatever ways he can to re-purpose or destroy it for the sake of old and new allies. Serving with a peacekeeping force to spread this knowledge and find more of it wasn't the most illogical idea. In his free time, there's philosophy and psychology to learn with synthetic-organic relations.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : Entheo would be a resourceful member of espionage, a tough soldier, and someone to help hack or destroy otherwise volatile weaponry or dangerous technology for the betterment of the PTFC.

(To clarify the name, Entheo comes from entheogen. Entheogens were the drugs people used for spiritual journeys of the individual and how they relate to higher powers and unity. I thought it'd be fitting for a Geth since Geth are obsessed with the concept of individuality and unity.)