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GhazghkullThraka's Forum Staff Application

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Mar 24, 2018
1. Must be professional, and must not be known for flaming or etc.
2. Must be able to enforce forum rules to the ‘T’
3. Must not be biased towards any player(s)
4. Must not be staff on more than one server or Team Speak (unless given permission by an owner)
5(ish). This isn't really a requirement, but make your app stand out (colorful)
6. Must know how to spell properly. (MAINLY since people misspell what they are applying for)
7. Must have & use TeamSpeak

Name: GhazghkullThraka

Do you have TeamSpeak? (Required): Yes.

TeamSpeak name (Required): Ryam

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155803796

Do you have Discord? (Required): Yes

Discord name and numbers (Required): GhazghkullThraka#8131

Age, only 15+: 16
What forum experience do you have? (Please specify what communities you have worked for and what you had to do): None.

Have you ever been banned from the Shout Box or forums, and have you been warned for anything on the forums?: I have never been banned from the Shoutbox or Forums. And I do not believe I have any warns, however I may be mistaken.

Tell us about yourself (1 paragraph minimum): I'm a relaxed person who doesn't get mad easily. I can act silly and serious. I played on the SCP RP server for around 8 months and I moved over to Halo RP because I wanted to try it out.

Why do you wish to join the forum staff team? (50 words minimum): Every now and then I see a thread that should've been locked/moved or some people not putting +1/0/-1 on suggestion and instead of waiting for the other forum staff to come deal with it, I want to try and handle it myself. And, I wanted to join one of the community's staff teams without being tied to a server like SCP Staff and Halo Staff.

What can you bring to the Forum Staff? (80 words minimum): I can bring a lot of activity, I have the forums open on a tab almost all the time. As I've previously stated, I'm a chill person and I don't mind doing monotonous tasks like sifting through threads making sure that they are locked and moved when they need to be and that everyone is abiding by the rules. I work with other people well and prefer not to start arguments over petty things. I would say I have a good work ethic, too.

Why should you be picked over other applicants? (80 words minimum): I have experience with staffing, while not forum staffing, I was a Senior Admin on the SCP RP Server so I know how to deal with rule-breakers and what punishments to give out generally. I keep a cool head and insults tend not to really bother me, I tend to find it funny actually. However if they start insulting other players or staff, then I will put my foot down and make them stop, and I will hand out the correct punishment.

Do you staff on any other servers?: No.
How active will you be on the forums? (Realistically): I have it open on my phone most of the time. And I spend around 30 minutes just browsing through it on my computer.

Do you go to school/college/university? (For activity purposes): High School

How active will you be on the community’s TS?: I usually only use the TS if I'm attending a meeting or playing on one of the servers.
Do you meet all of the requirements?: Yes

Situational questions:

1. You get on the forums to find out two sides arguing and fighting over something that really isn't clear what it may be what do you do? (50 words recommended) I would ask them to take their argument to a private conversation. If they comply I will delete their messages unless its relevant to the thread, and I will move on. If they do not comply, I will verbally warn them to take it to a conversation and delete the messages. If they STILL continue after that, I will warn them both.

2. You are looking through a few threads and find some non-SFW (Safe for Work) words used in a post, what do you do? (Normal Swearing is OK I mean harsh profanity) (50word recommended) I would ask them to tone down their language and I'd edit out the profanity from their message. If they continue after that I will delete their messages and PM them to keep it down or further punishment will be handed out. If they continue a warning will be handed out.

3. If you are also staff for a server as a mod and the SM is being verbally abusive to people in the shoutbox using racial slurs and calling them any sort of unpleasant names, what would you do? (50 word recommended) I will remind them that someone of their rank within the community has no excuse for that sort of behavior on the community's forums. I will also be taking screenshots of the abuse at the same time. If they are using racial slurs in the shoutbox I will ban them from it. I will send the screenshots to higher staff after that. If they threaten my mod rank, I will take screenshots of that and send it to higher staff as well.

4. What would you do if someone (player/staff and/or yourself) is being harassed on the forums? (80 word recommended)
I would instantly warn them and remind them that harassment of players or staff is not tolerated on the forums period. And that they should always treat players and staff with respect. I would also link them the forum rules. If they apologize then I will move on. If they continue, I will have them temporarily banned. If a server staff member is the one harassing people. I will take screenshots of their abuse and send it to their Manager, on top of the punishments I mentioned earlier.

I was referred by Head Admin Cadet



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Feb 17, 2018
Ghaz is funny, respectful, kind and follows the rules he is a great role model and is known by most people and has been here a while he would serve great as forum staff.
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