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Graphic Team Application Criteria 2019 onward

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Not Pyrrha

Pyrrha is dead I swear :eyes:
Jan 1, 2019
A more recent application since, ya know, it needs an update.

General Bio

Discord Name
Age (Minimum 16):

Time with Revival:
Most Played Server:

What position in Graphics Team are you applying for?

[Designer] [Artist] [Scene Designer] [Video/Sound Editor] [Voice Actor]

Background Info

Have you ever been banned from the TeamSpeak a Revival Server, or a Revival Discord If yes, what for?


Have you ever been warned on the TeamSpeak a Revival Server, or a Revival Discord? If yes, what for?


Have you ever been a member of any sort of Graphics Team before? If so, why did you leave?


Why do you want to join Graphics Team?


What are your previous experiences? Please provide references/contact information for any previous communities.


Finally, please link your portfolio. If you don't have one, make one. A professional IMGUR album works.

Miscellaneous Agreements
[NAME], agree to behave myself properly and formally, according to and upholding the standards of Revival Servers and it's players/community.

I, [NAME], promise to never use my artwork, platform or voice to harass, belittle or bully any member of this community, whether past, present or future.

I, [NAME], understand that I may be removed from my position at any time, with or without warning. I agree to not take out my frustrations on the name of Revival Servers or its community, past, present or future.

I, [NAME], agree to follow the rules regulations set forth by my Graphics Team Manager, my supervisors, and my President without fail or complaint, as long as I am to volunteer my time to this community.

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