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Grinch / Lynch GameMaker Reapply (Returned from Retirement)

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Lynch / Basilisk

Oct 19, 2021
Note: This application has alot of simularitys to the OG one I submitted at the start of 2022.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61712183

What are the current names you have in game?:
Formerly UNSCMC R51 CO CWO Grinch

Do you have any bans/warnings?: Negative
-What were these bans for?:

Have you been on the server for one month or longer?[Post join date]:
October 19th 2021

What is your age? [Minimum 15]:

Do you have a microphone? [Required]:

Do you have TeamSpeak? [Required]: Yes
-What is your name in TeamSpeak?:
RX12 Grinch / Lynch

Do you have Discord? [Required]:
-What is your discord ID?: [Example: Username01#1111]

Are you currently staff on a different server? Are you willing to leave that staff position for the one you are applying for?:
Currently I am not staff nor GM on any other server.


Experience with staffing [ULX, other servers, etc.]:
Yes, I'm experienced on both sides of ULX, Mainly being Administration and Game Master. I have tons of gamemaster experience I’m going to list the main ones:
Icefuse Networks:
2014 - Senior Gamemaster
2014 - Gamemaster Advisor
2015 - Gamemaster Trainer and Advisor

Light Gaming Networks:
2015 - Senior Gamemaster
2015 - Appointed Head Gamemaster
2016 - Operations Head Gamemaster

Polished Gaming Networks:
2017 - Senior Gamemaster

Ardent Gaming Servers:
2017 - 2019 - Head Operations Gamemaster

Solarium Networks:
2020 - 2021 - Head of the Gamemaster team

Summit Roleplay Networks:

2022 – 2022 – SGM / Grand Campaign Creator

As you can see above I have quite the record of Gamemaster positions. Most of these servers closed due to population and upper staff corruption.

How active are you on the server?:
I play every day. From 6 – 11:30pm during the week. On the weekend I play whenever I can get on

When are you usually available? [Days of Week/Time/Time zone]:
Monday Through Friday – 6pm – 11:30pm Weekends – All Day

What do you believe to be your best qualities that can contribute to being a Gamemaker?:
What are my best qualities? Well I am a retired SGM from this community that has decided a return is needed. I can offer my assistance in creating player driven and intense events that can cause chaos on the server. My methods are extremely team based, as events and campaigns that are planned by 2 or more gm’s goes a lot better. As many current GM know my honesty is a highly valued quality as I will say that event was crap and I know it was crap, what can I do to make it better. My insane Creativity is another quality. Example being the war I started between Oni and SOS over a plastic sword.

What do you plan to do as a Gamemaker?: [50+ Words]
I plan to start a new era of player driven campaigns that are completely up to the players on which missions they go on and how they plan to complete these. The missions will have a difficulty attached to them. Example; in my planned campaign, there are side missions that are a lot smaller as they are intel discovering or recovery, Supply looting, Asset denial. Stuff like that. (I don’t want to give everything away)

What 10 Commands do you know about that are in SAM and what exactly do they do?:
!ban - simple command that staff should be the only one to use. This bans a target for however long is specified.

!cloak - Cloaks target or self

!noclip - Allows Player to noclip (toggles No Clip)

!startvote - This allows the user to Start a Vote (Usually Used following an Event to get community Feedback)

!setjob - allows the person to Set another player’s job or their own (use to change people to event roles without whitelisting) There are other options to use than just this one.

!ignite - Allows users to light themself or others on fire (This is just here for Fun)

!god - Toggles god mode for the user (Makes them immune to everything except nukes

!strip - Strips all items from the target

!respawn (@ or player name) - force respawns a player

!setmodel – Sets model of self or target

What is In character and what is Out of character?:

In character is anytime you are talking, while not in the Recruit room or a marked-off OOC area. For example, My character is a Rhino. Anything I say will be taken seriously. Any and all actions are also taken Seriously. OOC should only be in the OOC Chat or in an OOC Channel, It is never to be taken as serious RP. as its Out of Character.

Do you believe you are able to work with a myriad of different people, some of which may have different opinions than yours?:

Yes, I am able to work with others. I’m open to the idea of working in teams. I will openly accept their suggestions and changes. No matter what their argument is I will take it into consideration. Within reason, if you are trying to create a toxic situation I will roast you for your attempt.

What do you believe the job of a Gamemaker entails?:

To give plays a unique experience for all players. Would spearhead the Med RP and General RP involved with their event or a mini/passive RP. Creating deployments and Missions that allow for all roles to be used or not to target specific groups of people because you are a personal grudge against them. Never PKing for a personal reason. Also to challenge the player base in missions and Base attacks. But allow for steady gameplay and not make an overly laggy event which will cause people to get off in frustration. Create immersive operations that feel like the halo universe.

Give us a full event idea that you have. [3+ Paragraphs]:

Prelude: The talks of the ancients shouldn’t be taken as truth, but sometimes there is a bit of truths mixed into that fluff. There is a particular tale about a planet that can only be described as “The Apocalypse”. But, yet again, these are just ancient tales about things that can never exist. Or can they?

*****Intercepted Transmission*****

We are moving on the target, shipmaster…., quickly now… this device could turn the tide of the war into our favor. We could wipe out all the UNSC.


---CENTCOM Special Operations LT Vengeance---

Attention Resurrection Detachment!!!! Operation Crippling the Horse is a go. I repeat Operation Crippling the Horse is a go!!! Prepare yourself’s for an invasion. Bring your warfaces!!!!

View attachment R (4).jpg



If you haven’t heard; Central Command has enacted Operation Crippling the Horse. You may ask, what does that mean. Well it is a rather simple answer: Invasion of an unknown world…. Now with that out of the way, your objective for this mission is to ensure the entire planet is secure.

Main: Secure the AO


  • Capture a High Value Target
    • Establish a FOB

Note: This mission is heavily dependent on communication and effective battle plans. Dumb mistakes or plans will end with you getting PK’d or worse.

Optional Choices: (Main Objectives are labeled)



Possible Outcomes:

Complete Failure – All main objectives are failed (FPK – Entire Server)

Capturing of all Covenant bases except The Pit

Capturing only The Pit


Expected Outcome:

Securing the planet, preventing the Weapon (The Planet) from falling to the enemy.


Did any current Gamemaker refer you to apply?:
Myself (Former SGM)
A bit of everything currently happening with the server.

I <Grinch> Agree and understand that I am not staff, and it is not my job to do staff duties, unless there is 0 staff on I will not use my commands unless needed. I also agree that I will not noclip/abuse my powers.

I, < Grinch >, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in a warning or a demotion.

I, < Grinch >, Swear to uphold the server rules, and enforce them. I will make sure to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within GM's, as well as keep a calm head and clear judgement when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

I,< Grinch >, acknowledge that if I am caught advertising my application then my application will be automatically denied.

And that if I < Grinch > am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from GM's and or staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed Necessary.


Halo RP
Head Game Maker
Aug 21, 2021
Welcome back, talk to a SGM+ for your training
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