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HuntmanWanderer's Forums Ban Appeal

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Too Many Years
Staff Blacklisted
Years of Service
Networking Blacklisted
Feb 11, 2017
Forum Name: HuntmanWanderer (aka HuNtODMerang115)

Ban Reason: Threatening to Hack / Disrespect

Length of Ban: Permanent

What Did You Do Wrong: So here’s the whole story, so thanks to Goofball (who is now banned as well thank god) with the help of Nep (also banned), and it was a long time ago back on the snowy map. They think that I was ERPing and I was not, they had no proof, and just thinking that I was. So they PK’d me, and I wasn’t having it, i was really upset. So I had a friend who can hack, and I told the staff that I’m leaving and i'll have my friend to hack you, and that’s what happened. It was my mistake, and that i shouldn’t have done that, but i will assure you, this will not happen again.

Have You Read Over Forums Rules and Are Aware of Them: Yes i was. But i used to not care, and like i said, it won't happen again.

Will You Follow Community Rules and Guides: From now on, yes.

I, [HuntmanWanderer], do swear that I am aware of the rules I have violated and have moved past this and will refrain from infractions in the future.

I, [HuntmanWanderer], Am aware that my account may be banned again if I violate the terms of this appeal.

I, [HuntmanWanderer], Do note that violating these terms will result in a harsher punishment form.

----------------------------[ACCEPTED BY CERNUNNOS]----------------------------
Not open for further replies.