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I don't exactly *think* I need a introduction here, I'm just sticking around at this point.


Jul 30, 2020
Yeah Yeah, New Account and All. Forgot My Old password, but ,it's all good.

Anyways, *SOME* of you May remember me. For Those Who Don't, HI! Im Geno! I've been here for .. quite a bit.

well, not recently, anyway. I haven't been here for a variety of reasons, but the most effective ones are listed:

Health Issues. I was caught up in a Car Accident at the time, but, we dont talk about that.

Family Issues. I am now living with my friend instead of my real family, as, uh, abuse aint fun.

And Most Of All, My Computer Blew up. Yeah.

Anyways, I wont keep up most of your time here. Anyways, Byee!!

Edit: OhYeah, One More Thing-- It's nice to see that this place is still alive ^^
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