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Jeanne Heather Dossiers

Moosey Moosey

Nov 27, 2017
Alaska, United States of America
Unit Identification Information.

Alliance Navy #9489-CA-5746

Unit Identification Image:
Jeanne Heathers (2).png
Jeanne Heathers.png
Jeanne Heathers (3).png
Full Name: Jeanne Mary Heathers

Pronunciation: GE-ANNE- MA-REE HE-TH-ERS

Nickname/Alias: Heathers, Feathers, Nursey.

Meaning: “God is Gracious”

Origin: Her mother wanted to name her after the French figurine Joan De Arc but changed up her name a little

Title: Field Medic

Pet Name: Nothing really.

ID Number: Alliance Navy #9489-CA-5746


Gender: Female

Gender Role: Feminine

Orientation: Straight

Real Age: 20

Age Appearance: 18

Birthday: August 5th

Birthplace: Vannes, France

Astrological Sign: Horse

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Immediate Family: Biological Mom and dad, with a baby sister

Distant Family: Grandmother

Parenting: Fun loving Until one died.

Upbringing: “To treat others nicely, no matter how much they hurt you.” And “Don’t let close friends tear you down” and “Stand up for what is right”

Childhood: It was lit until she turned ten

Adolescence: Cold, harsh, and unbearable

Adulthood: Worked part time at a hospital as a nurse before coming up to the ship

Coming of Age: She “grew up” at the age of 10

Evolution: She used to steal but it was for the greater good. She grew into a fine woman who worked for her sister.

Species: human

Ethnicity: French 90%, 5% Danish, 5% Polish

Blood Type: O positive

Preferred Hand: ambidextrous

Facial Type: round

Eye Color: Olive Green

Hair Color Light brown

Hairstyle: waved hair when down but mostly in a bun

Skin Tone: White

Makeup: light eyeshadow

Body Type: Ectomorph

Build: Muscular Legs and arms, not well muscular torso

Height: 65 Inches

Weight: 130

Cup Size: C

Shoe Size: 8

Birthmarks/scars: Scar on the right side of her mouth, then all over her torso and thighs

Health: Very healthy

Energy: Lots(Very bubbly)

Memory: Under stress, she forgets. Most remembers lots of important notes

Senses: Sight and hearing are her best senses

Allergies: Cats and Peanutbutter

Phobias: Agateophobia- Fear of insanity. Claustrophobia - Fear of Confined spaces. Autophobia - Fear of Abandonment

Addictions: Reading SiFi books that are terribly romantic

Style: Dark colors that look cute

Mode of Dress: Shirt would be halfway tucked into her pants, if longsleeved, she cuffs the sleeves slightly and stretches everything out if it too tight.

Grooming: Messy unless Serious (like operation)

Posture: Straight posture

Gait: Speed Walking

Coordination: VERY FIT. Just can’t run, sucks at running

Habits and Mannerisms: Flicks a pencil around her fingers, or just jangles her dog tag

Scent: Smells like the ocean with a bit of Lavender. The Lavender is strong. A little bit of cinnamon.

Mood: A bubbly, happy one.

Attitude: With high respect

Stability: Good, iffy here and there

Expressiveness: Is open to people she trusts most

When Happy: has a bright smile on her face

When Depressed: Drinks Wine. Lots of it. As well lay down and hug her falling apart dolphin plush

When Angry: Is always pacing

Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: In a small beach house in Vannes, France

Community: Friendly, good culture.

Eli: NOT BIOLOGICAL. She just reminded me of my little sister when i first came onto the ship and once i got to learn more about her. I adopted her to be my sister and she'll always be my sister. No matter what!
UPDATE: She hates me now considering i got drugged by Fenaavi while ON DUTY and i wanted Fen to get taught a lesson.
UPDATE: I just want my crystal necklace back if she decides to throw it away or pawn it or something bad! I still care for her but i wish she'd stop the grudge. Yeesh, sounds like i'm posessive over her. I kinda am... Sadly..

Sivus: Protective. I enjoy his funny personality and he likes my cookies and so I appreciate him a lot!

(DECEASED)Amabelle Heathers: My sister is confusing, i hope nothing bad happens to her.
UPDATE: She became evil.. I didn't tell her goodbye or that i love her.. Now all i have of her is her stupid diary. Rest in peace little sister, be good for mom.

Deius: I enjoy him a lot! I am super happy that we became friends and I don't know why people are calling him mean names, he's a real big softie.

Audiles: He's enjoyable. He's awkward around the edges but i think we're good friends.
UPDATE: He's the only one close to Eli that i trust now. He's the one holding me close to Eli. I'm forever thankful for him to keep me intact with her.

(DECEASED)Fenaavi: We're friends. She has too much energy for me to keep up though and she wears me out really quickly, even when i'm reading!
UPDATE: NOT TRUSTWORTHY. I do not want to share any of my secrets with her. No matter how pouty she gets. Nothing is escaping my lips to her now.

UPDATE: I'm so sorry Fen, i didn't ask them to kill you i swear, i'm sorry every time you talk to me i sounded angry with you. I love you and i'm so sorry. I made a dog tag of your name, I love you, you crazy bitch.. Rest with the stars and watch over Eli.

Shela: Don't know much about her, but she seems pretty busy when i always want to talk to her. I hope to know her better soon!
UPDATE: I love her. She is legit the most perfect Quarian anyone could meet. She is my rock and everlasting hero. I don't know what i'd do without such a great leader.

Izzy: She's a good friend, i don't know how to feel about her but all i know is that i care.. A lot.

Vex: I'M STILL CONFUSED ABOUT THIS WOMAN. She reminds me a lot about Fenaavi...

Neveris Wolfgang: Confused. I don't want to hate him, nor do him me. I also hope he's not getting bullied.

Vito: I love to help him in operation, its fun to take orders from him because its doing something i greatly love. Helping people :D

Romm: He's a good guy, he's also fun to be around. Very intelligent.

Veltius: He's fun...ish.. I guess? I take orders from him because he's the captain.
UPDATE: Besides me finding Valenia in his room, i think he's a good guy, wishing to know him more so we can become friends.

Followers: No one

Romm: He's a good leader and knows how to keep people calm and collected... He smells nice too.

Rivals: No one

Relates to: No one

Love: Single

Wardrobe: Formal is a red dress with a slit that goes up to the knee. Formal is a blouse and a pencil skirt. Casual is a sweatshirt and skinny jeans or shorts. Lazy is sweatpants and a t shirt

Equipment: Avenger

Accessories: Wears glasses when reading, her ears are pierced twice

Trinkets: A necklace with her dog tag with her mom then herself. Then another necklace that is make up of Emeralds, Rose Quarts, Jade, and Opal.

Funds: $100 on hand, but thousands at home

Home: A small house that is on the beach. Has four bedrooms. A large living room, a decent kitchen and a cute porch.

Neighborhood: She doesn’t have neighbors

Transportation: Walks

License Plate Number: SPCE DRVER

Collections: Loves to collect anything that washes up on her shoreline, unless its trash. Then she throws that away

Most valuable possession: Her gemstones

Prized Possession: Her ballet shoes

Occupation: Nurse

Work Ethnic: Loves her job, loves to take care of people and is a hard worker

Rank: Field Medic Private

MOS: Field Medic

Wealth Status: Middle

Experience: babysat kids, took care of anyone in her family when sick. Worked for the hospital as a nurse for a little bit after getting a little bit of college years.

IQ: 167

Education: Has Bachelors Degree

School: Proper, high class.

Grade: A’s and B’s

Special Education: Honor Roll once for keeping A’s all year long in 6th grade.

Social Stereotype: Kind Popular

Religion: Doesn’t have one, the universe has a funny humor.

Morals: When a woman stays stop. You stop. Unless it’s battle. No one has time for a drama queen.

Crime Record: Brigged twice. Once for threatening higher up while intoxicated. Unknown reason for the second time.

Motivation: To protect her home, family, and love. Even if it means her life is on the line.

Priorities: Saving People first. Lover second. Family third. Friends fifth

Philosophy: We came here fighting to know that we have a role to play. Either to help people or to fight in a revolution. We all have a role to play, whether you like it or not.

Etiquette: Higher class etiquette.

Influences: Seeing her friends and family fight on the front line makes her more determined to advance in medical so that she knows she will have the courage and knowledge to save them without any error.

Traditions: Tries to celebrate Valentines day, but due to France not celebrating that. She always gets the day wrong.

Main Goal: To protect the ones she loves

Minor Goals/Ambitions: To be the best medic in her family

Career: Childcare Medicine.

Desires: To survive.

Wishlist: Another teddy bear and medical books

Accomplishments: Got her Bachelors degree

Greatest Achievement: Getting to be a nurse for a while.

Biggest Failure: Protecting her mom.

Secrets: She tried to commit suicide at the age of 16-17

Regrets: Bringing a knife to her skin

Worries: Her little sister.

Best Dream: That she would return home safe, new information and retire her days on the beach with the one she loves.

Worst Nightmare: Seeing everyone die that she holds deeply within her heart in her arms. She couldn’t save them due to the less knowledge of medicine.

Best Memories: Seeing her baby sister run to her, asking for help with bullies.

Worst Memories: Getting an empty bottle of alcohol at her face, causing her scar on her mouth and having to stitch herself up without any painkillers.

Hobbies/Interests: Sleep, read, play silly games

Skills/Talents: Ballerina Dancing, singing, plays a little piano

Likes: Lots of things. Too much to describe

Dislikes: Peanutbutter and mean people

Sense of Humor: Childish, but flirty when need to be.

Pet Peeves: Being lied to and you know it

Dreams/Nightmares: Dreams of home. Cute date scenes.

Quirks: Snaps her fingers when she reads, helps her stay still.

Can't understand: Running.

Closet Hobby: Cooking

Guilty Pleasure: Twinkies.

Strengths: Confident during operation.

Flaws: Walks like a duck. If you look at her footprints, her feet go outward and she has a slight waddle.

Perception: A fun loving place. With a few scars here and there.

Conflicts: Relationships, making people happy, to shoot her gun at the enemy. Ice cream.

Instincts: study

Lures: Candles. The scent of cinnamon

Soft Spot: People with horrid pasts.

Cruel Streak: When someone is being rude to her and pushes her off the edge.

Favorite Colors: Black, white, grey, blue, green

Favorite Animals: Wolves, dogs, seagulls, birds.

Favorite Mythological Creatures: Mermaids!!!!

Favorite Places: Her home

Favorite Landmarks: Eiffel Tower

Favorite Flavors: Dark Chocolate. Bitter. Spicy.

Favorite Foods: Seafood Soup with Ginger and Yuzu Kosho, Provençal Stuffed Squid, Basque Seafood Stew

Favorite Drinks: Wine, water, sparkling cider.

Favorite Books: Sifi, medical

Favorite Movies: Cute romantic ones

Favorite Shows: Doctor and murder shows

Favorite Music: Classical

Favorite Subjects: Medicine, History

Favorite Numbers: 7, 17, 53

Favorite Words: Merede(fuck). Mon Amour(my love)

Least Favorite Colors: Orange, Yellow

Least Favorite Animals: Whales

Least Favorite Places: Paris, France.

Least Favorite Flavors: Cough syrup.

Least Favorite Foods: Truffles!!!

Least Favorite Drinks: Whiskey(don’t tell Wolfgang that)

Least Favorite Movies: Horror

Least Favorite Music: Heavy metal

Least Favorite Sports: Hockey

Least Favorite Subjects: Math

Least Favorite Numbers: 6, 90

Languages: French, fluent. English, fluent.


Speech Impediments: CAN’T SAY HER “H’s’’ CORRECTLY (ex: ‘ow are you? = How are you?)

Greetings and Farewells: Bonjour(hello) and Good bye

State of Mind: Enjoying being alive.

Compliment: You look like a sunrise. Not many people are awake to see your beauty, but some are and they admire you.

Insult: You remind me of a squid. Gross looking.

Expletive: Merede(Fuck!)


Tag Line: Lots of humming. She likes to think before speaking.

Signature Quote: If you’re not fighting for someone or something, why are you up here?

Reputation: A nice girl. A little annoying.

First Impressions: Really awkward and shy

Stranger Impressions: Sounds like a really good trustable person

Friendly Impressions: Annoying, over protective and bubbly.

Enemy Impressions: Annoying, alcoholic.

Familiar Impressions: Adorable. Goofy. Determined.

Compliments: Confident

Insults: Unqualified.

Self-Impression: Weak. Not good enough.

Personnel General Information.
She's really nice and soft, she can't cook very well but she's amazing at making chocolate and sweets. Naturally shy when you first meet her unless she's in a bad mood. Plans on being in the medical bay helping Anne, Vito, and Tidus.

Physical Appearance:
Soft wavy hazelnut brown hair(either in a bun or down), soft green eyes and her face is lightly dusted with freckles. Always seems to have some type of bandage on her face to a small cut to a large gauze. Her ears are pierced twice on both sides. She has scars mostly on her stomach and back, and thighs. A scar on the right side of her lips due to an incident. Always wearing her dog tag she made for herself and one for a deceased friend named Fenaavi, a quote on it saying "One best crazy bitch"

Unit History.
Well? Where to start? She was born by a loving mother named Beaumont and a loving father, Luis in the city of Vannes, France. Two years later, she got a baby sister named Amabelle. Thats all that should matter right? Being born into an unforgiving world and having to go through trial and error to find the pathway of righteousness?

While growing up, she started to walk at an early age and loved her mother playing classical music. She would always stand up and jump when her mother turned it on. She wore big red glasses due to her eyesight wasn't the best. Her mom thought she would enjoy ballet. So from the age of 4 to 10. She worked hard at being a ballerina. She enjoyed it a lot and learned so much. She worked hard at school, at after school ballerina dance, with her homework and reading. She loved to read and when Amabelle was born, she would always read Spongebob dialog to her, making funny noises for her sister to laugh at her.
Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.45.47 AM.png

Years passed and she was maturing into a beautiful young woman. She had turned ten and today, she had no practice at dance, so. She ventured out into her small town and went to her mothers work. The Bank. She stopped in her tracks to cross the street and she saw a strange man walk into her mothers work. She didn't recognize the man but she thought he was new, so she hoped he was being welcomed to the small town warmly until she heard the ringing sounds of gunshots. Then the man running out with a bag, the bag was leaking out money and she rushed into the bank to see innocent people on the ground, wounded or just traumatized. Sadly, she couldn't find her mother! She called out for her, her tears fogged up her glasses. She had just removed them and saw the blurriness of red in the corner of her eye and she wandered over to it and put on her glasses only to have the shock of a lifetime. She saw her mother, cold and lifeless eyes frozen in shock up at the ceiling and a loud scream ripped through the air as she clung to her mother. Begging that she come back, it just didn't help that her mother was shot in the head. The only homicide at this robbery.

After the funeral of her mother, her whole family cried. Slowly, Amabelle and Jeanne watched their father transform. From a good natured, kind and loving father to an alcoholic, abusive and envious father. Jeanne went silent and studied harder, when she wasn't studying, she was doing chores around the house or babysitting neighbor's kids, earning enough money for the rent, food and electricity. She cooked, cleaned, studied, and looked after her sister like a hawk. She had taken her mothers crystals from her father so that he wound't sell them for booze and every day. There was a bad fight between Amabelle and Luis. So bad that Jeanne would always take the hits for Amabelle. Lucky for Jeanne, she had been lots of medical books to help fix herself up. She did everything for her broken family.

Sadly, the stress was getting over her head after Sophomore year. Now she was a Junior. She was going to graduate this year. She is 17. She hates herself. She hates her life. Depression set within her soul and she couldn't shake off this feeling. She cried herself to sleep every night. Finally, the spring Finals set in and these finals decided on whether she was going to graduate this year or take Senior year. She has trying to kill herself for the past month but every time she would. She would remember Amabelle and how she couldn't leave her with Luis. No matter what. She did pass her Finals and she was accepted into Medical School.

College wasn't that bad, due to all of her studying, everything paid off. After the first year of Medical School, she was 18, a legal adult. So she used her savings from babysitting and got a restraining order against her father and took Amabelle to their grandmothers of her mom house, near the beach. Thats where she left Amabelle and went to continue her years in college.

Happy for her, she got two degrees within medicine, getting her bachelors degree and she was walking home one day, when she saw a flier that she liked very much. She's 20 years old, enjoying her life. Now here she stands, a medic on the Prometheus.

Can her life get any better?
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Dec 15, 2017
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