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Kushion's Staff Application


Jul 19, 2022
Steam Name(please add RS, to your steam name):
Kushion (I'm not adding RS to my name, pretty sure thats outdated anyways).

Steam ID:

In-Game Position/Rank/Name (Most played character):
ODST PFC T. Grafton

Are you a Donator on HaloRP?:
I have Tier 1.

If "yes" have you been warned by staff for Abusing your rank, or been removed from Donator Status:

If you have been caught minging, Fail RP or breaking server rules explain here for what you did:
N/A, haven't ever been in trouble with staff.

Disclaimer: Please read this document before applying.

Age (Minimum 15):


Do you have a microphone?:

Do you have TeamSpeak3(Required)?

TS3 Name:

Do you have Discord(Required)?:

Discord name and numbers:



Any info we should know about you(Something that may affect staffing):
I'm a Law Student at University and hoping to get a job soon. However regardless of this I can still easily put in a good amount of hours.

How Long Have You Been On The Server? (Min 5 Days):
My overall playtime is probably around 3-4 months. I played for a month and a half last year, and a couple of months this year.


Are you currently staff on another server? If so, which?:

Experience with staffing (ULX, other servers, etc.(Please Explain (What Servers etc)):
Administrator on Claymore Gaming Fallout RP.


Have you ever been banned from any Revival servers? If so, why?

How will your activity be on the server?
I have good activity on the server, getting on usually every day for atleast a couple of hours. Some days will be much more active depending on what classes I have.

Days, Hours Of Availability(If you go inactive, for 1 week without LOA or letting someone know anything, you can and will be removed from staff):
I can be on every day at late hours, and most days during prime hours. Since I live in New Zealand I can be around in later hours and cover those times if new players need to be trained/whitelisted, etc.


Name 5 Server Rules stated on the Rules Mega Doc and explain the meaning of them -

10. Player Harassment or Disrespect will not be tolerated on the server:
This is a fairly common sense rule, but the general gist of this is that players cannot excessively berate or insult other players on any Revival platforms. Examples being shit talking in OOC chat, or conducting witchhunts using TS or Discord. To my knowledge, anything that happens in DMs is its own issue, regardless if the argument is about Revival servers or not. But in general staff should be stepping in if there is clear non banter insulting and player targeting/harassment happening on the server.

3. No FailRP:
This rule, again, can be enforced fairly easily using common sense. For example, if a random new player claims that his character is augmented, or something unrealistic, such as owning an energy sword in RP, etc. Anything that generally does not make sense in roleplay or breaks roleplay, such as metagaming, or using OOC information ICly.

12. Do not bait people to provoke a negative reaction out of them:
A lot of the time when people try and provoke others its to attempt to get them to break a rule out of anger. With this rule people that intentionally bait others to either harass them or get them to break a rule can be punished accordingly.

14: Breaking server rules and generally minging can result in a FPK along with staff punishment
This rule just entails that if you minge on the server, there are harsher punishments than just being banned temporarily by staff, you risk losing all of your progression, and as such heavily reduces incentive to minge and failRP.

15. Staff have the final say over any situation involving rule-breaking and sit outcome, if you do not like the punishment staff have given you can make a report/appeal on the revival forums.
This means that regardless of what the player may be arguing or saying, ultimately if a staff member decides to conclude a staff sit, he may at any time, and the player may report it on the forums or to higher staff if there is an issue. The player should not resort to crying in chat or the staff members dms.

Name 5 IC Rules stated on the Rules Mega Doc and explain the meaning of them -

4. Voice chat is always IC. The only time it is considered OOC is during a staff sit or staff announcement.
This rule simply entails that anything you say through voice chat should be realistic as to what your character would be saying in the moment. It also means that what you say through VC can matter and have an impact. You can't say "OOCly, did you know STRIKE are clones???" and then try and play it off as you talking OOCly. You must deal with the consequences of what you say through voice chat.

13. Once you die you forget all events that led up to your death and Important Information.
This is basic new life rule. If an SoS is discreetly killed and eaten by a Marine, they cannot immediately return to the location of their death and execute him. This also ties in with metagame, obviously if you have been killed by someone you aren't going to remember the circumstances.

14. You must keep in mind the value of your life and in a hopeless situation (For example: Being surrounded by enemies with guns pointed at you, Being in cuffs, etc...) act according to the situation. This rule may not apply to some groups as per the decision of the HoRP.
This is another common sense type rule. If your average Marine or Army members gets held up at gunpoint by 3 URF with his pants down, RP wise, he would very likely surrender and let himself get cuffed. The same obviously doesn't apply for people such as SPARTAN's.

6. You may only hold 1 Command Position. (If it gets a leader tag it’s counted as a command position).
Players may only hold 1 impactful leadership position. This rule ensures that leaders are dedicating their full time to maintaining and leading that unit, and overall improves server health, so there aren't players that hog up leading positions in multiple factions.

When you make a new character unless approved by HoRP they may not have any debilitating mental illnesses or extreme prejudices before having on-server experiences.
This rule incentivises actual ingame interaction and roleplay, as opposed to deciding your characters beliefs and personalities fully through backstory. This benefits the server by allowing other players to mold how your character progresses, and to allow actual character development through roleplay and interaction.


Do you understand that it is required to listen to and respect ranks higher than you?
I understand.

Do you agree not to advertise your application to anyone in the community in any way?
I agree.

Do you agree to treat all players fairly and respectfully?
I agree.

Do you understand that becoming a staff member means that you will be putting your staff duty in front of your in-game character RP?:
I understand.

Will you abuse your powers?


I, Kushion, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in an instant demotion.

I, Kushion, have acknowledged that I have read the constitution for Revival Servers at http://revivalservers.com/constitution/ and fully understand how to abide by the rules

I, Kushion, Swear to uphold the server rules, and enforce them. And to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within Staff. And to keep a calm head and clear judgment when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

And that if I, Kushion am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from Staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed necessary.

And that I, Kushion also will not under any Circumstance for whatever reason Retaliate against a player, Staff or this server, or the Community and any servers within it's domain for my own or someone else's feelings, or revenge.

I Kushion Acknowledge that this app may be denied or approved for a number of reasons. And that I will not retaliate if denied, and if accepted I will not flaunt it around in other's faces, that I will remain calm and cool-headed.

I Kushion swear that if I commit any acts, such as Violating Community Standard's Or Acts Such as Treason Towards the Server Or Community, I can and will be removed from Staff and Banned From Revival Servers, as it is a Just Punishment for Crimes committed.

I Kushion Swear, my Loyalty and Full attention to the server, and my duties as Staff if Appointed to a Staff Position. For I shall Uphold and Guard The Rules Set-Forth By the Upper-Management, and enforce them as they should. And if I shall fail in my duties repeatedly, I understand I may be removed and replaced.​


[Head of Awesomeness]
Nov 25, 2021
+1 Active, good understanding of rules with previous staffing experience. Very good fit for the team.


Halo RP
Head Admin
Oct 28, 2019
Congratulations you have been accepted into the staff team please contact an Admin+ to begin training.