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Lube's com ban app

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Spooky Boi

Spooky Dog
Nov 12, 2017
Name: Lube

Teamspeak Name: Lube

TS Unique ID: I don’t remember

Forum Name: Lube

Forum Profile Link: I’m commed

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:107066313

Reason for Community Ban: I asked when the server was made and it was deemed suspicious

Why do you believe you were community banned?

I was community banned due to the fact that I asked a question “when was the server made?” and William deemed it suspicious, which is reasonable.

In 500-750 word essay, explain why you believe that you should be unbanned and how you are going to improve yourself in the future of this community if your appeal is to be accepted?

I believe that I should be unbanned due to the fact that my comm ban was only a simple mistake made on my part, I believe that I can come back from this harshful comm ban that I didn’t really deserve. I’m willing to change and improve myself after the simple mistake I made a few months ago, I wish to be able to come back to this community I once enjoyed, I just want to be able to come back and just be there for people who were around when I got comm banned. I will change myself completely around and act more mature for this community, I won’t act the same way I did before when I first joined this beautiful community. I feel like I deserve a second chance in this community, I understand that I shouldn't have tested William’s patience and I know that what I did was wrong and I want to come back from this long journey of being away from this community. I believe that it’s been too long from me being away and I don’t see why I should be away from any longer then I needed to be, I believe this is time for me to join back into this community and be able to enjoy myself again. Altogether I didn't mean for any of this to happen but it was my fault for testing the server owners patience and I completely apologize for any other things I’ve done wrong towards the server, I just want a second chance in this community and I want to be able to relive what I had in this community before I was comm banned. I’ve mentioned this many times already and I feel like I should say it again, I want a second chance in this community, what I did was wrong and I completely acknowledge it, I don’t really see what I can add or delete from now, there isn’t really much to say anymore other than just repeating myself considering I’ve done that multiple times.

The whole situation between me and William have been good, and I’ll I want is to be unbanned, I’ve done my time from being away from the server, I don’t see why I should stay away any longer, I just want a second chance at redemption, I can come back from every horrible thing I’ve done towards anyone on the server, even the owner. I just want to have a reason to play on the servers again, I want to be on forums and keep up with the community, most people didn’t like me and I want to change that completely. I believe what I did was completely wrong and I want to come back and enjoy myself again and even spend money on the server after everything I’ve lost due to the comm ban. All I want is a second chance to be apart of this amazingly growing community, I want to help it grow and thrive, I know what I did was wrong and I will act better as a human being when or if I come back to the community. Please consider this and everything I’ve done towards the server.

If you need to speak with me:


Do you understand that if you advertise this appeal, lie on this appeal, or repeat the same actions that originally got you community banned, you will remain community banned and be banned from appealing your ban in the future, yes or no? (Responding no will lead to your appeal being denied)



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Forum Manager
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Mar 24, 2018
Community Bans are not able to be appealed on forums, tell Lube to use this format and send the Google doc to William's DMs. Locked and Moved.
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