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Matty's TS Report


Nov 20, 2019
Name: Matty

Your Position:

Offender's Name (Forum Name using @):

Offender's Position:
Head Developer

Situation on Why you are reporting them:

I recently noticed Holiday has a plethora of tags that I know for a fact they do not have permission to use. Namely, "Bran's Glizzy Gobblers" (Owned by Bran), "Loki's Tricksters" (Owned by Loki), "Femboy Haters" (Owned by me), "Zaddas Bug Hunters" (Owned by Zaddas), and I highly doubt they were given permission to use the Child Predator tag, Catfish Detection tag, Birthday BOIII tag, Simp Detection tag, ODST Elitists tag, Tombstone 2-4 tag, ONI Boys tag, and the Soul Stone tag, as they are not close/did not know the owners or meet requirements that were set for some of the tags (Such as Conrad's 'ONI Boys' tag.) I believe this is a blatant abuse of power by them that they thought would go unnoticed, and while they have removed some of the tags, I believe their willingness to abuse their HA tag for the clout of adding tags should be investigated.

First picture of their tags: https://prnt.sc/17rbowv
Second picture of their tags: https://prnt.sc/17rbqnf