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Medical Guidelines


Mass Effect Manager
Apr 21, 2017
Florida, United States of America
((This page is sanction to change over time- This means

--Icarus medical personnel are to follow these guidelines, their performance will be monitored by Icarus logging software to determine whether they follow these guidelines, or not… Should a medical officer not follow these guidelines- they will be retasked, and/or removed from the Icarus.--

**Each race is different, the knowledge of Turian, and Human biology is needed before being approved for field, or surgery work- this is to be enforced… the moment someone unqualified touches something that they do not understand? Is the moment they are evaluated based on skill, and professionalism.**

**Cybernetics, biotics, and advanced tech does not fall under the medical category, the moment that Medical Officers toy with engineering work- is the moment they are retasked, or reworked.**

**After each surgery, or checkup a medical officer will fill out a form based on their findings, or thoughts regarding the issue, from there CO’s will talk amongst themselves should the issue arrives that an Operator isn’t fit for duty, Example: Both legs being blown off, and the loss of certain body functions could result in a prolonged leave, though The Icarus will do her best to keep said wounded operator in action.**

((**Medics are the only characters that have legitimate RP reason to operate on a crew member, should say “A Weapons Operator”- work on a field surgery without consulting a medical officer could result in severe OOC, and IC consequences- As for medics? They are to roll not the injured- 50+ is a successful action, below that means something didn’t work, below 15? Means that the wound gets worse, though this is for the medic to decide.~~REMEMBER! THAT THERE ARE NO SNOWFLAKES- Should someone come in with their guts spilled from their midsection, and ask for help? You don’t just smack medi gel on it… Said crew member would most likely die from their injuries- This does not mean that medical officers are Biased- They are to atleast attempt to save a chars life, rather than “Put them down.”**))

[Medical Officer’s Name:]

[Patient’s name, and rank:]

[Time, and date of incident/operation:]

[Materials used during incident/operation:]

[The specific details of the operation, and/or incident.(Be as descriptive as possible, this will be logged.) :]

[Severity of the situation, rate 1/100, and give a specific reasoning for the severity, (We don’t need 100/100 for a paper cut.):]

[Final thoughts?:]

[Medical Officers Signature:]