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MrSteak123's character application

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Aug 26, 2017
Steam Name / Steam ID : Mrsteak123

How long have you played on the server?: At least a few months.

Characters name/nicknames: "Shifty"

Characters Race((Be aware Quarian, and Turian are application only and must have a detailed backstory in order for the character to be accepted. http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/the-species-list.5992/) : LOKI Mech

Requested position aboard the ship((http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/available-positions.5978/)): Rifleman

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities: M-15 Vindicator, M-6 Carnifex, Omni-Blade

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.): Lawful Neutral, "Judge"

Characters Backstory:


Before he was known as "Shifty", the mech that would become him is most notable for the strange, chaotic, and generally bizarre series of events that led him to this moment. His life began when he was "born" on an assembly line in 2184, in a Hahne-Kedar factory. He was like the thousands of others coming off the assembly line- Cheap, simple, and with as much humanity as a vending machine. They were tools- meant to guard places when there was a shortage of manpower, or the hours were too long. They thought in simple patterns, didn't use cover, could speak in nothing but pre-recorded messages, and were usually only seriously threatening in large numbers. He had no name, only a serial number. He was assembled, stamped, packed, and shipped in a freighter to be sold. When he was sold, however, is when his story truly starts.

The Purchase

About three days later, he, along with 100 others, were purchased by "Gamma Industries". However, Gamma Industries didn't exist- it was a shell company for the Eclipse mercenary group, who are known to use LOKI's extensively. While they were meant for security, they could be easily modified into disposable soldiers- something criminals were very fond of doing, especially Eclipse. If he had ended up with Eclipse, his life would have been short- likely ending up as a pile of scrap metal as he was used to absorb fire while organic soldiers did the actual fighting. However, he didn't.

A Minor Error

On Omega, mistakes happen often. Sometimes, those mistakes aren't always mistakes. When the freighter landed, and the mechs were unloaded, one crate was not picked up by Eclipse, but by someone else. Chalked up to a clerical error, it was actually the ship's pilot selling the crate to a batarian drug dealer. He picked up the crate- containing ten LOKI mechs, including our mechanical hero- and had it delivered to his hideout. He gave the mechs simple orders- kill anyone that gets in. Shifty's life of crime was just beginning.

Directive: Bodyguard

For a good few months, he served as a bodyguard to the batarian who had purchased him. It mostly consisted of standing, moving in a pre-set pattern, and looking intimidating. The batarian would usually leave them be, and would seldom visit the hideout, often only coming back to sleep. Judging by the crates of red sand in a hidden compartment, business seemed to be booming. However, his fortune didn't last.

Out of a Job

Drug dealers make friends- and a whole lot of enemies. He learned this the hard way when his rivals found his hideout. One human approached from behind the building, climbing up and hacking the lock on the window. After neutralizing the one mech guarding the room, he locked the door and began to work on a terminal in the room. He had to work fast- the mechs were coming- but he was skilled, and gained access before they got to him. All he had to do was change their directives, and the job was complete. One mech simply walked up to the sleeping batarian, aimed, and pulled the trigger.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Once he was out of the picture, the drug dealer's rivals sold the nine remaining mechs on the black market. Shifty was separated from his former co-workers and began his new career as a gun-for-hire. Not that he cared, or even knew- the only thing he knew was his programming. He could easily work for someone for the longest time, then betray them, and not even know what happened. While LOKI mechs have many uses, Shifty found himself somehow always being drawn to crime- and often ending up in the worst situations possible, yet somehow surviving. He killed countless people. Delivered drugs. Planted bombs and inserted viruses into computers, all with the ignorance and passion of a machine. He went between owners too many times to count- sometimes sold, other times stolen or hacked, and had his parts replaced so many times that, by the end of 2185, only a few of his original parts remained.

The Last Jobs

As 2185 became 2186, Shifty was purchased as a bodyguard to a young quarian woman. Unlike his first job as a bodyguard, he did his job well, keeping muggers and other criminals away from his master. When a group of thugs surrounded her, he proceeded to eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Eventually, she sold him to the market once she had enough money to escape Omega and re-join the Migrant Fleet. Ironically, the people who bought him were the people that brought him to Omega in the first place- the Eclipse mercenary group, who he served with for the next few months.


During the Cerberus occupation of Omega, many LOKI units, taken from Eclipse, were refitted to help Cerberus keep the population in check. Shifty was taken from storage in an Eclipse warehouse, and sent to Cerberus command, where he, along with seven other mechs, were used as test subjects, to try out new technologies on, and to find ways to improve the effectiveness of the refitted mechs. Shifty himself was used to test advanced processors and other devices, in an attempt to make the LOKI mechs use tactics and fight better. He showed improvement in his combat abilities, and he had more of his parts replaced by advanced Cerberus-manufactured equipment. However, he was abandoned when Cerberus was forced off the station, laying undiscovered until the end of the Reaper War.

One Last Sale

A little while after the end of the Reaper War, the eight mechs were discovered in storage by the Blue Suns. They took the mechs to the Citadel, in hopes of finding a wealthy buyer to purchase the mechs. As he was lifted onto the ship, Shifty left the station that he had spent his life on, not that he knew that. They found a buyer on the Citadel- a wealthy turian who was happy to buy the mechs for a high price. He took them to a warehouse, where he prepared for his plan. The turian, a somewhat deranged fellow, sought to use the mechs as a distraction for his ambitious plan to steal a Hierarchy frigate docked on the Citadel. Unfortunately for him, C-Sec had been monitoring him for a while, and when they gathered enough evidence to prove he was up to no good, they raided his warehouse, capturing him and taking the mechs as evidence. The mechs were used as evidence against him during his trial. After the trial, C-Sec was left with eight advanced mechs. A member of a peacekeeping Task Force called C-Sec, and offered to take the mechs off their hands.


After being purchased, the mechs were sent to a remote facility, where they would be modified to serve in the Task Force. Here, Shifty got his name- it was a nickname given to him by the engineers, because of his extensive criminal history. His modification was oversaw by two specific engineers- a salarian and a geth platform. They had different views on what should be done with him- the salarian wanted a weapon, which followed orders and was easily controlled. The geth wanted the mech to become a true AI- with free will, and a unique personality. They clashed frequently, but were eventually able to come to a compromise- the mech would have a rudimentary personality and some degree of free thinking, but would ultimately be bound to the orders of its masters. The salarian worked on the body of the mech, replacing parts, and adding some, while the geth worked on the "mind" of the mech, creating a code of morals and rules to follow, and directives to carry out.

The end result was a much different being that the once simple LOKI mech he used to be. He was stronger, smarter, and overall better in every way than his mass-produced brothers. He was more flexible and could lift heavy weights. His new frame, made out of an advanced alloy, could resist weapons fire and environmental conditions far better than the old one.

His mental capacities were also greatly expanded- while not at the level of an AI, he was now a very advanced VI. He could reason, and could remember past events and learn from them. He was also given expanded tactical knowledge, allowing him to quickly analyze a situation and apply the best strategies. He could work better in a team, and could even lead others into battle if need be. In addition, he was given a directive to interact with crew members and socialize, as well as a rudimentary "personality" of sorts, in order to help understand and improve the morale of a ship.

After the refit was complete, he was sent to the Centurion, along with a box of replacement parts.

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: To obey orders, and follow the new rules and guidelines set out for him.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : To analyze tactical scenarios, fight, perform repetitive tasks, and handle situations that would be too dangerous for an organic being to handle.


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May 13, 2017
Diekirch, Luxembourg
I really want to like this lay out; but my bias toward the amount of AI we have is going to SHIFT my opinion. (It's a pun, that means you have to laugh or I claim your first born as my own). I'm a bit mixed feelings toward having another AI, as I said. Knowing the engineering department, they'll turn Shifty's robutt into an even more corruptable state, but fuck it. +1
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