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Mute ban appeal.

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Mar 2, 2020
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63330239
Reason for ban: LTAP
Picture of ban: 20200302232031_1.jpg
Why you should be unbanned: Let me start this off by explaining the situational before hand, and some much needed context. Firstly I am playing a man of little words merc that is dealing with the pain of a missing limb by abusing pain meds, an interesting character with a flaws. Now during the event today (02/03/2020) i was being evacuated and accidentally fell out of the pelican into a deep lake, after debriefing i wanted to go RP out the injuries to give the medical staff some fun rp to do, at this point i was treated by one "QRF Psalm" who started off normally, now there where some things i didnt know and needed explained to me but i changed that when i was told. I came in with "fractures on the left leg, broken right feamer, 3 broken ribs, dislocated left shoulder, internal bleeding and dislocated cybernetic" and during these getting fixed i said in looc that this happened when accidentally fell out of the pelican when we where evacing at about the same level as the frigate, a bit under tho. Now this made QRF Psalm say that i was PK'ed and "change your name, we are done here" now i was confused because i said that in OOC, we went on a bit in looc and eventually i was done doing all the rp and said i would change my name and that i was going to bed (im a UK player so it is about midnight for me at this time, 11pm then), i then left the server under the assumption that it was over.

Final notes: I assumed that due to this being a Serious RP server that i could RP a character, i am a very strong beliver in passive character rp and especially character flaws but it seems rather extreme that that i should be PK'ed after falling out a pelican by accident. I also did not change my name when i left the server which is why i was banned (or so i believe), it was rather late and i was rather annoyed so i decided to depart for the night right there and then.

Edit: I have been told that I was not banned for Leaving To Avoid RP but instead Leaving To Avoid Punishment. There was no sit going on at the time and no admins involved. I have also looked up the ODST armour set and it is one of the strongest armours the UNSC has and even has some tech from the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour, Hellfire are equiped with ODST armour and a drop into water from sub 100m above it would not have killed me instantly. It is a drop suit after all.

PS: Due to my rather sever case of dyslexia there will be a few misspellings and issues with grammar, i am sorry for this but i can not help it.
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Nov 25, 2017
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I'd like to hear from both the staff who banned him and the QRF involved. If his story is lined up, blame is to be placed whomever lied about the situation and to be dealt with swiftly, mainly a reprimand, highest offense, a demotion.
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