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Neveris Wolfgang, an octosnake character

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Undersea Abomination
Nov 30, 2017
The Great white North
Steam Name / Steam ID : Octosnake

How long have you played on the server?: 3 days

Characters name/nicknames: Neveris " Wolfgang

Characters Race: Human

Requested position aboard the ship: Heavy Gunner

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:

Dark green with orange stripes (searice Council)

M-76 Revenent "Beauty"
m-5 Phalanx

Combat knife

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.):
Lawful Evil "Whatever it takes, no excuses"

Characters Backstory:
Born on earth in germany at the end of the first contact war, Neveris was extremley patriotic but was often displeased with how the ESA dealt with forgein affairs. At the tender age of 16 Neveris was recruited into cerberus with the intention to help humanity earn its place among the stars.
When batarians pirates attacked mindoir, Neveris's platoon was one of the first cerberus groups to respond, all the while avoiding engagements with alliance troops. "After planetfall it was long until Neveris's platoon engaged the batarian invaders, it also happend to be the first time that Neveris was ever actully shot at with the intent to kill him. The skirmish dragged on for 2 days with batarian forces taking heavy losses among the survivors was a pirate by the name of "Grej Tekabak" Wolfgang was given a phalanx by his officer and was ordered to execute Grej with it. Neveris had never killed anyone before this point, but being the ever loyal humanist he was, he put the gun to the batarians head and blew his brains onto the blood stained battlefield.

13 years later (mass effect 1) Neveris was admitted to a hospital for amnesia, Neveris often had trouble remembering where he was or what he was doing and was granted medical leave by cerberus. He often had vivid nightmares and violent episodes of hysteria, with docters unable to identify a cause. Neveris would remain hospitalized for the following year. A month after the destruction of soveregin, Neveris returned to active duty with his conditions having mysteryiously disappeared and was Reassigned from the front line to Cerberus R&D security.

During a cerberus excavation of prothean ruins on Feros, Neveris was in the wrong place at the wrong time for the site to experience a power outage. he was deep in one of the hab towers when it was struck by an unidentified projectile (current hypothesis suggest a metorite) seperated from his team he was forced to find another way back to the site, taking him on a journey of mind bending preportions. Dark whispers assailed his mind, an evil influence taking over, his indoctrination had begun.

During the cerberus siege of the citadel Neveris was on the frontline, engaing C-sec wherever they were found and eliminating them with brutal efficiancy. Fully indoctrinated he was a puppet to the will of the reapers, gunning down all that he once stood to protect. yet some part of him must have held on, for Neveris was not beyond freedom from the reapers terrible influence.
With the final Destruction/control thingy of the reapers neveris was freed from the grasp of indoctrination, yet not without paying a great price. For the first time in his life he rememberd everything, every trigger pulled, every kill, every moment burned into his brain with a mental hot poker. hoping to redeem himself for the crimes he commited he enlisted with the alliance hoping to offer his support in any way possible

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: Neveris's main goal is absolution from the many crimes he has commited, with many deployments ahead he intends to punish those who would harm the weak or innocent.

Why were they hired by PTFC?: Noticing exteme devotion towards redeeming himself, The PTFC recruited Wolfgang for the express reason to eliminate anything that would impede the PTFC's goals.


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Aug 19, 2017
Denied - Too many lore breaks here. One we did the destruction ending from mass effect 3. Meaning all Cerberus reaper indoctrinated soldiers would have died not been freed. Secondly, the human empire, would more than likely jail you for your service in Cerberus for slaughtering C-Sec in a large amount, as well as joining a terror group.
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