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Neveris Wolfgang Attempt 2

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Undersea Abomination
Nov 30, 2017
The Great white North
Steam Name / Steam ID : Octosnake

How long have you played on the server?: 3 days

Characters name/nicknames: Neveris "Big Bad" Wolfgang

Characters Race: Human

Requested position aboard the ship: Heavy Gunner

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:

Dark green with orange stripes with the words "BIG BAD WOLF" scrawlled into the back of the helmet (searice Council)

M-76 Revenent "Beauty"

m-5 Phalanx

Combat knife

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.):
Chaotic good "Whatever it takes, no excuses"

Born in Berlin, Germany. Neveris's family has a strong military history, with both his parents in the alliance navy it was only a matter of time before he joined himself. Enlisting as soon as he could (18) Wolfgang was quickly dragged into a series of violent and long skirmishes which later came to be known as the "Folly of theia"

Theia was one of many human colonies were believed to be hit by collectors, when Neveris arrived on the scene however, he quickly learned that collectors leave no such bloodbath in their wake. most of the colonists were either taken from their homes or executed in the street, whatever happened wasn't pleasant
Wolfgang searched for survivors but found none, but his search was not fruitless, among the bodies of a struggle and firefight was the corpse of a Batarian Slaver. with this new information Wolfgang's platoon was ordered to pursue the pirates and rescue the colonists.

After a week or so of tracking them Neveris a platoon of alliance soldiers boarded the pirate ship and engaged the pirates. Neveris and his squad mates fought hard but suffered heavy casualties, in the end only Neveris himself and a handful of troops remained. once safely returned to Theia, a entourage of Alliance N7 were waiting for them, all bearing the ensignia of the PTFC who invited wolfgang to join their ranks.

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: Wolfgang's Goals are simple, Follow orders, shoot when told to shoot, and drink when hes not doing either of those. A man of simple pleasures

Why were they hired by PTFC?: Wolfgang's recklessness has been known to make him quite fearless if not completely idiotic, however the Pros outweigh the cons. The PTFC recognizes this.


Aug 19, 2017
We only have one N7 on the ship, and she is kind've a cunt.
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