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New Eden Personnel Roster: Anatasia Baranovskaya


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Jul 8, 2017

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Anatasia (Nastya) Baranovskaya Afanasievna (Attached: For Personnel unaware of Russian Naming conventions, I'm sure you can find it on the Extranet.)

Unit Gender: Female.

Unit Species: Human.

Unit Ranking: Officer Cadet.

Physical Appearance: 5'9, Blonde, Caucasian, Average Build. Defining Marks: Various scars on lower-mid leg, Cyberleg (right) colored blue.

Unit Vocals: Untranslated Russian Vocals:


Unit Psychological Information:

Known Mental afflictions: ADHD.

Morale: "Aaaaah."

Psychological Evaluation:

Summarized Format: Subject displayed (and confessed to) Mild Anxiety. Besides this, Unit seems to be mentally fit for duty.


Personnel General Information.

Unit training: Military and Biotic Training, Pointman Designation.

Unit Assignment: The Lexington.

Operational Status: Active

Unit Casualty Status: Alive.

Unit Medical History: Irrelevant Data expunged.

Medical Examination performed upon joining crew by (Now Deceased) Servicewoman Third Class Kaje Heritus. Summary: No hitches, Unit was found to have L2 Biotic Implantation.

Leg Amputation and Cybernetic replacement, performed my Pharah Helix. Summary: Leg was amputated after unrepairable explosive-based damage, replaced with Cybernetic limb. It is worth noting the leg was not the typical leg issued to humans.

Previous Post: Noveria Under Employ of Elanus Risk Control Services.

Unit MOS: Commanding Officer of Infantry, Pointman.

Unit Audio Logs



Audio Logs, Play? [YES] [NO]

"A Lot of has changed since I've first joined the ship, that's for sure." There was a pause, a soft exhale escaping the speaker in the log "It's.. Something I've seen when snooping other Personnel's Dossiers, the sections I can reach. Audio logs, Diaries, stuff like that. Haunting to see some of the dead personnel from other crew's logs, but.. Interesting?" There was another pause, the sound of fumbling joined by an inhale. "I've always found it an odd thought. I'll pass on, and someone will dig up my old Dossier. They'll find out who I loved, why I loved them, who I hated and why I hated them. And they'll find these.. Logs?" Yet another pause, this one only filled by static. "It's better now, here. People are alas happy, we're working together, we aren't fighting as much as we used to. And what's weird? I know this won't last."

"I'm not going to pretend I'm a deep person. I'm not. I bicker over some things, drink too much, and date Turians whom do the same, yet manage to be awesome. I'm getting too lazy to finish this, so I suppose I'll end it."

Log two. Play? [YES] [NO]

"Eugh.. Hangovers are a terrible thing. Found myself reflecting on myself, lately. Things I've done, people I've affected over time. Gavius came to mind. A Twisted Turian who was beyond saving. I sort of liked him at first, I couldn't see past his little.. Facade." There was a Delay, a pause.

"He killed Fred, but for a reason as far as I know was... Punishable, and fired various grenades within a ship. Beat me up pretty bad, too. That was the point I clued in. Then there's Cross. Cross is a man who's an Enigma wrapped in a confusing mess. He's our Captain, but I can't read him. He's a bad person, and he tries to hide it, but it just feels like he's.. Aware of it?"

"Sou-Tra and Affetta also come to mind. Both Left the ship, and I don't partially mind them gone. Sou-Tra was my best friend, but she left us in our time of need, and so did Affetta."

Log Three. Play? [YES] [NO]



Log Four. Play? [YES] [NO]

"So much has happened, and it's made me think too much. For once in my career, I'm faced with more Death then I was ready for. Shela, Tomasz, others. It's.. happened fast, and makes me wonder if it should've been me, most time. Shela died and I was there, Tomasz Died and I was there, Jacob died and I was there." There was a long pause in the speech, a sigh escaping the speaker audibly.

"Sarah left, or I haven't seen her. She left me in her position, and It's been like this for a bit. It's.. A bit odd, I suppose. It's not the power I have, but it's the feeling of.. Responsibility. If someone perishes on the field, I feel like it falls on me. Even if I'm not there, too busy or Sick, something else to deploy."

"Still, besides all that. It's not all bad.. I uh - I still have Sloan." She mumbled a bit after her statement, picking up with "He's probably the light of my life, and I love 'em to pieces. But I'd.. Rather not go into too much detail into an Audiolog someone I know is probably stalking."

"You guys better tell me if you listen to these."



Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance:

New Eden: "Not much left of this place now, is there?"

The Lexington: "An easy way to describe the Crew is this: Most of us are just misfits, others are just looking for money. None of us know what we're doing; and that's probably what's keeping alive. Our Command is dysfunctional, Security Officers don't do their jobs, but it's home, and you're more-or-less the closet thing a family I've got."

Listed Liked Factions:

Systems Alliance: "Fighting the good fight. Keep it up."

Listed Disliked Factions:

Omega as a whole: "Crime.Co. That's a good way to describe it."

Cerberus: "Human survivalists. They've got the wrong idea, but whatever.

Listed Neutral Factions:

Biotic Extremists Groups: "You El-Two ones out there; get us noticed."

Turian Hierarchy: "People, I guess."

Hostile Factions:

Reapers: "Literally want to kill everything."

Orbis' Fleet: "Bad guys, reallly bad guys. Talking "Remove-Eye-from-Cross-And-Stab-Luma-Then-Also-Almost-Make-Us-Kill-Velp' bad.And then they boarded us.

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Sloan: "Sloan's rather important to me, I love him to bits. He's an adorable big Turian with a charming persomality, and he proposed!"

Iron: "You're like my big, headbutting Dad. Which is good, because Fathers are nice to have. You're the best, bud'. Actually care for me and all that. He's massive, he's tough 'n protective and stuff. But on the inside, Iron's just one big softy of a Krogan. Love 'em to bits. No, not in that way." [UPDATED LOG] "Man, I really need to chill it when it comes to venting at you. Sorry, bud."

Sarah: "Sarah's like the Sister I never had. It made me sad to see her go, and broke my heart to see her crying over Shela. We're still in touch, mostly video calls." There was a fairly drawn out sigh, after. "I miss her."


Doctor Loor: "Really nice Asari lady."

Caiius: "Not bad for a Turian."

Cal: "He left. Whatever, he was a nice guy when he was around. Okay, not really."

[DECEASED] Freddy: "Poor man. Fred was probably one of the first people I could call a friend on this crew, shame he's gone. I'll miss you. See you later, Space German."

[DECEASED] S-I mean Jacob: "He's dead, I watched him die. Probably not my fault, still kinda feel like it was. When he wasn't dead, he was a really great guy."

Stan: "Jacob's brother, don't have the heart to tell him I watched him die. He's spoken out against Cross before, namely after some inappropriate behavior on both my and his own part."

Lolo: "Some En-Seven Chicka with an Ego the size of a Krogan, and a libido to match. Don't know her well, and her piloting could use work. Whatever, better then Jakius."

Phara: "I think it's Fred's girlfriend, or one of them. Was. Not a bad girl, if not a smidgen odd. At first I couldn't believe she was much of a Doctor, then she proved herself on the field, and also to me. She's the gal' that fixed my leg up, by uh.. amputating and replacing it."

Audiles D.: "He's new, I suppose. He seems nice enough, and I had to drag his heavy self out of a facility." [UPDATED] "He can get... Annoying at times. His performance on the field also seems to display an overall lack of tactical thought, at least due to how he acts. Maybe he's not cut out for a Field Command role, but he does Security nicely."

Damien: "Despite you and Toni being a constant headache, you're not a terrible person. You need to get your shit together, though." [UPDATED LOG]: "He's a good kid, but there's always something bothering him. It... Worries me to say the least."[UPDATED] "He's back. Not sure what else to say."

Jakius: "Jakius is the part of the reason I'm still kicking. He treated me after I got wounded, even lead my Squad after I couldn't - Pretty well too, if I may add - He doesn't look like he wants to do much besides break your face on first glance, but he's a nice guy. I'd call him a friend."

Toni: "Toni's troubled, and a few days ago I would've cursed his bloodline. But I mean - He's just a bit troubled, and aren't we all?"

[DECEASED] Toma': "He's dead. He's dead and I could've helped him."

Collective: "He's a Geth, and well. He acts like.. a good Geth? I like him; I haven't talked to him much though."

Brian: "Brian's an L2 Biotic, like me. I don't see many other people who haven't tried to opt for the L3-R, so it's something I can relate to. He's a funny guy and clearly a capable medic. He's got a nice sense of humor, and is good conversation. Poor man has most of the crew targeting him, mostly Svein."

Brayton: "Brayton's good conversation, and a good Sapper. He's not bad to be around, and he's great company when you want to kick back and drink."

her: "He's a bloody madman, but he's been through a lot lately. I think he's had his eyes opened why we don't like taking jobs from this Shira lady. Cross died, Ace died, Gregiore Died, Iron got severely wounded. All spurred from an operation to find a can."


Luma'Valla: "We clash heads too much, probably my fault. Whatever, I guess. She gave me some advice, I may as well listen to it."

Svein: "He bounces between fine, to hardly tolerable. I'm really on the fence about the bastard."

That Deacanus Girl: "She's mouthy, doesn't like to obey orders. Nice."

Phil: "He exists. Has an off fascination with Cheesesteaks."

Deius: "Exists."

Deius' Gay Boyfriend: "Exists, but he likes men."

[DECEASED]: Sonio: I never actually knew him.

[DECEASED] Ace: "Ace was a messy man. I saw a good solider buried somewhere in him, but it clouded by a lack of self-control and things. Things I myself had and managed to recover from. Gregiore killed him. Man clearly had a sense of cultural honor. Can't say I appreciated his behavior, but I felt bad for him. I could even say I'll miss him."

[DECEASED} Shela: "I've.. Never trusted you. I never liked you, but part of me feels bad that you're gone. Part of me feels like it should've been me, I suppose. So many people are going to suffer with your passing, Sarah largely. Keelah Se'lai, Overly Joyous Quarian."

Maya: "An Asari, pretty average. Not bad to talk to. Green?"

Rene: "Sloan's Ex-Girlfriend. I'm sorry if I've hurt you in any way,"

[DECEASED] Krius: "Shame, to hear your gone, just like your mother. Rest in peace, little girl."

[DECEASED] Kaje: "Kaje was nice, but also odd. It wasn't nice to hear she had passed."

Proxx: "Too quick to the trigger, too fast to Blood Rage, but not useless at the end of the day. He acts really childish, though."

Avory: "Here for two days and promoted despite no outstanding ability what so ever. I don't really hold that against him. He's here, I don't know him."

Oriya Yeik: "Exists."


Nick: "I liked him at first, but then he blind-fired and killed an entire Cadet Platoon. Sure, it was Turian; but they were all kids."

[DECEASED]: Gregiore: "Was just Asher's Personal hitman. I won't miss him."


[MEDICALLY DISCHARGED] [DECEASED] Jameson: "Brain Tumors, huh. That's.. A way."


[DECEASED] Cross: "He doesn't actually care about any of us, just lies and says he does. Rapid favoritism escapes him, his friends never get punished, and now because of him being incapable of dealing with words, I'm stuck in a bed for god knows how long." [UPDATED LOGS] "He's not the Captain anymore, but I still fear the man." [UPDATED]:"He... Charged a Reaper. Maybe he thought he was saving us."

[DECEASED] Gavius:" He’s an old Turian, bit quite frankly they way he carries himself along scares me. Feels like he’s pretty eager to kill me at any moment. He’s not a bad guy, but he still scares me. That heartless bastard killed Fred for - from what I know - something he didn't do, then almost murdered Rick for joking around. You're the very meaning of Bi-Polar. Oh, you killed him because he had sex with Velp. Fair. The old coon's dead, and he's been dead for awhile. I need to start updating my logs more.."

"I'm not sure like, who you are. But you killed one of us, and took us all hostage. From all I can tell, you're bad news. Probably a Generic Antagonist if I could get to know him - But he's still dangerous."


Tamar: "Local cops shoots dog. Oh, he left. Guess I can't shoot him."

Velponia: "While Fred went with it, you still advanced on him. It's sort of your fault he's gone; I won't forgive you for that. It's like.. Indirect murder. Doubt you'll survive your mandatory service; But I'm not complaining."

Affetta: "Abandoned us."

Sou-Tra: "Abandoned us, too. You were like... My best friend, someone I could trust. Why did you have to go?"

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