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Nirisa Loor


Asari Main
May 13, 2017
Diekirch, Luxembourg
(Going to do this when I'm home, so put those names in the comments in advance! ♡)

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Theme:

Full Name: Nirisa Zenes Loor
Pronunciation: Knee-Ree-Zah Zee-N-Ez Lore
Nickname/Alias: Niri/Nirry, Loor
Meaning: N/A
Origin: N/A
Title: N/A
Pet Name: N/A
ID Number: #5317
Signature: ℓ๏๏я

Gender: Female by use of pronouns
Gender Role: Somewhat masculine
Orientation: Bi-sexual, technically straight
Real Age: 350
Age Appearance: Early to mid twenties
Birthday: 10-13-1837
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: The Citadel
Astrological Sign: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A

Immediate Family: Her mother, An'ari Loor; and her sister, Geryir Loor.
Distant Family: N/A
Parenting: Somewhat strict.
Upbringing: Mixed morals.
Infancy: Nurtured.
Childhood: Troublesome.
Adolescence: Extremely troublesome.
Adulthood: (To be added later)
Coming of Age: (To be added later)
Evolution: (To be added later)

Species: Asari
Ethnicity: High Thessian
Blood Type: N/A
Preferred Hand: Right handed.
Facial Type: N/A
Eye Color: Emerald Green.
Hair Color N/A
Hairstyle: N/A
Skin Tone: Blue-ish violet
Complexion: Clear
Makeup: Facial/body markings
Body Type: Endomorphic
Build: Rather muscular
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs.
Cup Size: 32E
Facial Hair: N/A
Shoe Size: N/A
Birthmarks/scars: Several back scars.
Distinguishing Features: Her black scarf.

Health: Moderate.
Energy: N/A
Memory: N/A
Senses: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Handicaps: N/A
Medication: N/A
Phobias: Ailurophobia
Addictions: Light addiction to Red Sand.
Mental Disorders: N/A

Style: N/A
Mode of Dress: N/A
Grooming: Well-kept.
Posture: Thugish.
Gait: N/A
Coordination: Quite fit, sharp reflexes, slight OCD.
Habits and Mannerisms: Rubs the back of her neck when she's nervous.
Scent: N/A

Mood: Usually annoyed.
Attitude: Conceited.
Stability: N/A
Expressiveness: N/A
When Happy: She'll use slightly less profanity.
When Depressed: She'll avoid social interaction entirely.
When Angry: She'll often use profanity.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: N/A
Community: N/A
Family: Her mother, An'ari Loor; and her sister, Geryir Loor.
Friends: (Scroll to relations)
Enemies: (Scroll to relations)
Bosses: (Scroll to relations)
Followers: (Scroll to relations)
Heroes: (Scroll to relations)
Rivals: (Scroll to relations)
Relates to: (Scroll to relations)
Love: (Scroll to relations)

Wardrobe: N/A
Equipment: Freedom SR AT rifle.
Accessories: (To be added later)
Trinkets: (To be added later)
Funds: Surprisingly wealthy.
Home: Extremely clean and neat.
Neighborhood: N/A
Transportation: Skycar.
License Plate Number: N/A
Collections: N/A
Most valuable possession: N/A
Prized Possession: N/A

Occupation: Rifleman
Work Ethnic: (Example)
Rank: Private.
MOS: Rifleman.
Income: N/A
Wealth Status: Surprisingly wealthy.
Experience: [Redacted]
Organizations/Affiliations: Rather close ties to Eclipse.

IQ: (To be added later)
Education: N/A
School: N/A
Grade: N/A
Special Education: N/A
Social Stereotype: N/A
Degrees: N/A
Intelligence: N/A

Religion: Siari
Morals: "Fuck around, get smoked."

Crime Record:

- Transportation and distributing import of unlawful controlled substances.
- Several accounts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
- Trafficking
- Extortion

(To be added later)
Priorities: (To be added later)
Philosophy: "What you do from now on won't serve any purpose."
Political Party: N/A
Etiquette: N/A
Culture: (To be added later)
Influences: (To be added later)
Relates to: (To be added later)
Traditions: Praying to Athame from time to time.
Superstitions: N/A

Main Goal: (To be added later.)
Minor Goals/Ambitions: (To be added later.)
Career: (To be added later.)

Hobbies/Interests: (To be added later.)
Skills/Talents: (To be added later.)
Likes: (To be added later.)
Dislikes: People that are constantly happy.
Sense of Humor: Very dark.
Pet Peeves: Crewman that have sex constantly and then seem shocked when they're suddenly pregnant or reprimanded.
Quirks: (To be added later.)
Savvy: (To be added later.)
Can't understand: Human foods.
Closet Hobby: (Something that your character likes but isn't too obvious.)
Guilty Pleasure:

Favorite Colors: Black.

Languages: High Thessian (Asari Language - Fluent), Tal’mae (Turian language - Fluent), Weyrloc Break (Krogan Weyrloc clan language - Somewhat fluent), English (Human language - Somewhat fluent)

Accent: N/A
Voice: (Example:)
Speech Impediments:
Greetings and Farewells: 'Yo.' and 'Have a good one.'
State of Mind: 'Still breathing.'
Compliment: 'Lookin' good.'
Insult: 'Useless shit head.'
Expletive: Fuck.
Laughter: (To be added later)
Tag Line: Shit heads.
Signature Quote: (To be added later)

Reputation: (Not sure, to be honest lol)
First Impressions: (Not sure, to be honest)
Stranger Impressions: (Not sure, to be honest)
Friendly Impressions: (Not sure, to be honest)
Enemy Impressions: (Not sure, to be honest)
Familiar Impressions: (Not sure, to be honest)
Compliments: (Not sure, to be honest)
Insults: That she's a bitch.
Self-Impression: (To be added later)


Love Interest:

Weyrloc Iron: "Iron's the type of Krogan that the Reapers used to check under their beds for before going to sleep. Tall, strong, handsome, and goddess have mercy on anyone that fucks him over. Had a feeling he'd kill me the first ti-- I shouldn't have to finish the rest of that...anyway, I'll update this from time to time. Love ya, love!"


Shela'Ri Vas Icarus: "Shela's been with me from the beginning. I've known Shela since my first day with the original crew; back when Jade was our Captain. She already died once on me, and I'll be fucked if that's gonna happen again. Love ya, Girlie!"


Tidus: "Tidus is nice to chat with from time to time. Kinda reminds me of Roro, in a way. Not just because he's a Drell, of course. He puts my original medical position to shame; and I don't think I would prefer anyone else taking that position."

Brett: "Normally, I'm not a fan of humans. They're ignorant, obnoxious, and they're always going on and on about racism, like it only happens to their own species. Regardless, Brett's more relatable than any human I've ever met, and I'm glad that we get to chat now and again."

Phil: "Phil is the greatest cook to every bless this fucking galaxy; and I mean that to the fullest extent. THIS MAN IS THE GREATEST COOK. THE FUCKING GREATEST."

Sveinung: "Svein's helped me in the field more times than I can count. We've killed batarian's together, hunted slavers, killed reapers, you name it. Hope everything's alright with his family..."

Izzy: "I know we don't talk as much as we should, but I enjoy talking to Izzy when I can. She's a bit of a tease sometimes-- maybe even a bit flirtatious, but I'm pretty sure it's jsut her way of being friendly. Never could tell the difference."

History with the current and previous crews:
Audio recording #001:
"I'll try not to drag this out too much, but no promises...to put it bluntly for those that don't feel like listening to this ehh...autobiography?

"I've been with this dysfunctional little family for a long ass time. There we have it. You can stop listening now if you're going to be a lazy shit head."

"My journey with the crew started a year or two ago...can't remember the name of the ship at the time, but our Captain was Captain Jade. I was pretty shy back then; a hell of a lot more sealed than I am now. I was placed in the medical field, which wasn't going too smooth at the time-- might I add. It was a nightmare to say the least; but Ciri and I managed."

"I met Shela on my first day, and to be honest, I fell in love with her; but I was too shy to admit it at the time. We clicked almost immediately, and we've been best friends ever since! Anyway, back to the crew shit. About a month in, and I was at the position of Commanding Officer of the medical department-- which I held for the span of about a year. Can't believe I survived the reign of L.D. as Captain now that I think about it again... once L.D. fucked off, Cross took over. By that time, I had left my C.O. position; and things got pretty bad. We were down a Captain, and nearly half of our crew was literally falling apart or dead."

"The crew fell apart after that...most of us went our separate ways. I went back to Eclipse and got my hands a bit dirty here and there, but I'm not going to talk about any of that while I'm sober-- lest security or the Captain listens to this. Pulled a few strings to get into this new crew; and I'll say that I'm enjoying my position as a Quartermaster so far."

"Guess that about wraps it up? Not really sure how to end a log, since this is the first one I've done..."

"This is Nirisa Loor, signing off."

"You really thought I'd just end it with a stupid ass phrase like that? Why the fuck am I even asking questions like I'm going to get a response?"

"Fuck it. Bye."

(More will be added later! Keep the names coming!)

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Too Many Years
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Feb 11, 2017
Deius and Cullen if you had met them <3


Asari Main
May 13, 2017
Diekirch, Luxembourg
I don't think she spoke with Cullen that much. More of a quick 'what the fuck are you supposed to be' and that was it lol


Bae Supreme #1
Oct 17, 2017
Tidus. add that fool. and zolan if you ever get the displeasure of meeting him. DO IT, FA-


Jul 3, 2017
Dusty you will make father very disappointed if you don't add Sveinung, your partner in fucking up dirty batarians and criminalias