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[Office of Naval Intelligence-Public Address 8/26/2556]


ONI Professor Wiseman / [Servitor AI] HS Alpha
Jun 5, 2018
Arizona, United States of America
[ Office of Naval Intelligence ]

[Communications Public Address]

Good Evening, as Unit X-372B Sector 7, of the Office of Naval Intelligence is utilized at the UNSC Revival we are welcome to meet your acquaintance. This public communication achieve serves to keep as an outreach between the Office and Station Personnel. We hope our collective of Intelligence serves it's designated purpose as well as towards a fitting example of our personnel. Information is stored and logged in it's designated places, and if you wish to aid in doing such or assisting it would be very much appreciated. The "Achieves" serve a variety of purposes such as Anonymous Complaints, Personnel Files (Outstanding personnel towards the UNSC on Station, Released Research & Development Projects, and More. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your nearest ONI Liaison ((OOC-S2 Personnel)). Thank you very much, and have a nice day.