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Oh Shit a Quarian. (Char App)


Nov 14, 2017
Steam Name / Steam ID : Itz_Vakarian (Who Else?)

How long have you played on the server?: 3-4 weeks at least.

Characters name/nicknames: Veyra'Chyss Vas Qwib Qwib

Characters Race((Be aware Quarian, and Turian are application only and must have a detailed backstory in order for the character to be accepted. http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/the-species-list.5992/) :Quarian

Requested position aboard the ship((http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/available-positions.5978/)):CAO, (Chief Armor Officer, Tanks N shit.)

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:
Primary: M-9 Tempest Sub-Machine Gun

Secondary: M-3 Predator

Grenade Type(s): Smoke

Armor: 45-55 light, padded armor, suited for the interior conditions of an AFV. (See Right)

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.): Free Spirit

Characters Backstory:

Born in the year 2168, Veyra’Chyss Nar Qwib Quib, and Later Vas Qwib Qwib, Grew up on the Civilian vessel, Qwib Qwib. She Never met her Mother, Nor knew her name, but Her Father always told her She just vanished. She grew up, living a ‘Normal’ Quarian life, on a noisy ship, with interesting people, all seeming to be dreaming of Rannoch. Growing up, like many Quarians, Veyra was a Technician, keeping everything running, and what not. She showed interest in Military strategy, at an Early age, though she never pursued it. She enjoyed her Father’s company, at least what little of it she had, as he Died when a Thermal Conductor in an Engine malfunctioned, and Exploded. She lived her life without Her Father from the Age of 12.

Veyra alway found life among the Flotilla interesting, because she’d get transferred from ship to ship on occasion, and she’d look forward to it. Flotilla Life wasn’t the most Eventful thing, but she tried to enjoy every bit of it that she could. At 13, She began to upgrade an armor pattern, that the Quarians could easily produce, having limited resources. When she was 14, she finished the Design, of a light, yet highly effective, and cost efficient armor design, that was upraded on three Colony ships, boosting Morale among their inhabitants. Not much happened, though, she continued to work in R and D.

She went on to toy with two other armor concepts, that took her previous armor upgrades, and improved them slightly, though it was not enough of an upgrade, for The admirals board to Approve them, and they only existed as shuttle Armor prototypes, which she used to test them. At one point, a Male Quarian Coming back from his Pilgrimage, brought an old, Human Tank. Veyra was Immediately put to work, and she fell in love with the Tank, so to speak. She Greatly improved armament, and armor, using an Extremely Light armour a variation of Mako Armour, bearing similarities to Current day Chobham armor, though much more effective against Weapons seen in Mass Effect. The tank got a dark purple, and Red paint job, and she Designated it ‘Varren.

In a sense, Veyra 'used' the Varren as a replacement for he deceased Father, having it esentially fill the gap that he left, when he passed. The Varren was Veyra's baby, and she spent almost all of her free-time, tinkering with it, upgrading, improving, testing systems. She'd use the Varren several times, in small, planet-side skirmishes with Geth, where the tank's systems were evaluated, and adjusted. She became, more, and more, skilled with armor systems, learning ins and outs, basically becoming a well oiled machine, by the end of it all.

During one particular Skirmish, veyra and a group of quarian soldier's were investigating a slave trader, who targeted Quarians specifically. As they breached the facility, and headed towards the slave's location, the Traders could be heard executing the Quarians. The Task-Force breached, and shot the Slavers, causing the executioner, to misplace his shot, going through the last quarian's arm, rather than her head. Veyra rushed to help the Quarian, and the Injured Quarian explained to her, that she was her Mother.

Veyra was shocked by this, and as her Mother slowly died in her arms, She explained to Veyra, that she had left, because she was due to exile, in a case she could not win. Her mother would not tell Veyra why she was Slated for Exile, just that it was going to happen. For 5 minutes, veyra sat on the floor in tears, holding her mother's now lifeless body, not knowing what to do next. After this encounter, many of Veyra's colleagues noticed changes in behavior, and that she wasn't as Cheery and Social as she was before.

Slowly, Her wounds healed, and she began to go back to her old self, though many said she was never the same. She continued work on the Varren, and continued to deploy with other Quarians, and eventually, to most, it seemed like her mother had never died, right in her arms.

During the Reaper war, Veyra did not see much action, though she was on the Qwib Qwib during it’s Crash on Rannoch. She managed to salvage a piece of the Varren’s red and purple armour, and always keeps the small peice with her, on a chain she wears around her neck. After the War, She would wander the galaxy for Several Months, Barely getting by, yet keeping her skills sharp with odd jobs. She would later be offered a Job as a peacekeeper, for PTFC, working with their recently acquired piece of Armor. She Gladly accepted, because it would mean a place for her to Settle Down, and continue doing the thing she loved. Operating, and Maintaining Heavy Armor.

(I Drew a piece of the Varren, but iCloud sharing broke or some shit so you get a rant instead. I'll Upload the Photo at a later date.)

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: Veyra just does her job, which is keep things that move, in one piece. Being a Mechanic, and an Armor specialist (Tanker) she usually Tends to basic needs of vehicles, because no-one else will.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : After The recent acquisition of a heavy AFV, Command needed someone to take care of it, as the only person who knew how, Nenius Venorian, Tended to be preoccupied more often, leading to the vehicle's condition worsening. She was found to be a Great Mechanic, who knew her way around a tool kit, As well as showing extreme prowess behind the controls of a tank, Even when under great stress.
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Jul 3, 2017
Could use a more thiccer backstory, but if this is accepted *This will make a fine addition to my Quarian Harem*