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Open Dossier: 'November' [WIP]


Bae Supreme #1
Oct 17, 2017
> 'November' :: Tidus Zrosis

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
[Your Image Here]

Full Name: Tidus Zrosis

Pronunciation: Tee-Dus Zee-ro-sis

Nickname/Alias: 'November' / The Good Doctor

Meaning: ([Ex: Emily means "admiring" and William means "protector"] If you aren't sure your character's name has a meaning look it up, I'm sure you'll find something. If it's a fantasy name you made yourself, give it a meaning.)

Origin: Tidus is one of the main protagonist in Final Fantasy X, and Zrosis sounded nice.

Title: Doctor (Dr.)

Pet Name: Doc, Love, My Sweet Debonair. Gentledrell

ID Number: N0V3-MBR

Signature: (What is their handwriting like?)

Gender: Male

Gender Role: Masculine

Orientation: Pansexual

Real Age: 49

Age Appearance: Early Fourties

Birthday: November 26, 20XX

Deathday: November 26, 20XX

Birthplace: Kahje

Immediate Family: None

Distant Family: None

Parenting: "Mother was kind, but heavy handed. I did not know my father well, as he passed of Kepral's Syndrome.

Upbringing: (What morals and ideals were your characters raised with?)

Infancy: ([0-2] What was it like when your character was a baby? Were they nurtured or dropped at birth?)

Childhood: ([3-12] What was it like for your character growing as a kid ?)

Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)

Adulthood: ([18+] When your character has fully matured. If your character isn't yet an adult, plan what would happen to them in the future.)

Coming of Age: (When and how did your character "grow up"?)

Evolution: They now see that Death is not something to fear, they are calmer, and they hold those they hold dear within an inch of them.

Species: Drell
Ethnicity: Drell
Blood Type: AB-

Preferred Hand: Ambidexerous

Facial Type: (Ex: Oval, heart, square, round, )

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color None

Hairstyle: None.

Skin Tone: Darkish green skin tone.

Complexion: OLD.

Makeup: None

Body Type: (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or somewhere in between?)

Build: (Long legs, chubby cheeks, or muscular arms?)

Height: (In inches)

Weight: 176 lbs

Cup Size: N/A

Facial Hair: None

Shoe Size: Ten

Birthmarks/scars: Scar across chest over the lungs, Burn scars up and down both arms from shoulder to finger tips.

Distinguishing Features: (Something unique that stands out)

Health: Slowly dying, but other than that, pretty healthy.

Energy: Not much. He is old.

Memory: Perfect; They can remember everything they've done or seen.

Senses: Sight: Eyes are able to detect ultra-violet light as silvery wisp.

Allergies: Death

Handicaps: Kepral's Syndrome.

Medication: Pain pills (Abused)

Phobias: Mechs

Addictions: Pain Pills

Mental Disorders: Depression

Style: An old, angry, wise, man.

Mode of Dress: If casual, everything will be baggy and messy. If formal, everything is perfectly neat.

Grooming: Well-kept.

Posture: Such a slouch.

Gait: They move a tad slowly, hands usually in their doctor's coat's pockets.

Coordination: Out of one to ten? Fitness: 8 Reflexes: 7 1/2

Habits and Mannerisms: (Any nervous ticks or unconscious habits your character might have. Ex: Nail biting, crosses arms, or twirls hair)

Scent: The scent of sanitizer is strong on him, though one could faintly smell sea salt...

Mood: Usually calmly in their office doing their work, though saying the wrong thing and showing no respect can quickly anger him.

Attitude: Usually friendly, but not to those he hates or dislikes.

Stability: What a silly fucking question. NOT VERY.

Expressiveness: They will hide their emotions as much as possible.

When Happy: Gently smiles while humming or singing to himself.

When Depressed: Their slouch worsens, and they look emotionally drained.

When Angry: You'll fucking know.

Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: Kahje.

Community: They show the utmost respect to him.

Family: None. He is the last of his kind.


Elizabeth 'Eli' Cross: "She is a kind, young, lady. I wish only the best for her."

Fenaari' Decanus: "She is very troublesome, but she does not know better. She has her kind streak as well, few will know."


Literally anybody else on the ship: "Eh."


Scott: "The next time you come into my fucking Medbay and speak to me like that, you had better be ready to square up, kiddo."

Other Scott: "You are not fit for my Medbay, you trogladyte."


Terisia Zrosis: "My loving wife. I shall never forget the times we shared together. May you find piece with our Gods."

Deius: "He is caring, under the armor he wares. He met my wife, and gave me hope. I may have given him something in return, however... Sorry about accidentally poisoning you...."

"We had a fight. It was big enough to wrench my heart in twain. We have made up since then, but I only hope that should we disagree, it not result in the same way."


Shela'Ri Vas Icarus: "As Deius and I went through a rough spot, she was there to comfort me. To think a bond would form so quickly... I do regret my heritage, however. Perhaps there is hope that she shall feel the same for me, even if... Even If I am the way I am, I should put it."


Romm'Heesal: "His convictions are strong, and our views are near the same. There are few I look to who I find on equal footing, but this Quarian is just this. I also should have held my tongue during that mission, I find. I am sorry."

Ana: "It infuriates me to be bound to my bed, but she only wishes the best for me, it seems. She has taken care of me thus far, and I have been a less-than optimal patient, and I am sorry for this. She is optimal at her duties, however. I merely wish she would learn not to call her highers such vulgar things.


Casual: Baggy shirt, baggy sweatpants, reading glasses on at all times.
Formal: White doctor's coat, Black shirt, black pants, contacts.


  • M-3 Carnifex
  • Medkit
  • Various tools, such as scalpels, knee hitter things, stephascope, flashlight, ect.
  • Bottle of pills, used for his 'pain'.


  • Reading glasses
  • Large tattoo of the goddess Kalahira on his back

Trinkets: None.

Funds: Quite a bit.

Home: (What is your character's house like? Describe it's overall appearance, [Ex: Shabby, fancy] type of house, [Trailer, mansion] and describe things such as the yard, wallpaper, or any other information. Things like bedrooms count as your character's home.)

Neighborhood: He wouldn't even know. He doesn't go out much.

Transportation: Car.

License Plate Number: T1DU5

Collections: Nah.

Most valuable possession: Himself.

Prized Possession: (What object does your character value above all else?)

Occupation: Head Medical Officer for the Centurion.

Work Ethnic: If they're not working, then they could be.

Rank: Head of the Medical Team, Head of Medicine at Kahje National Hospital.

MOS: (Self-Explanatory.)

Income: Wouldn't you like to know? ;3c

Wealth Status: (How well financed is your character? Ex: Upper, middle, or lower class)

Experience: (Include things like pasts jobs, or things that contributed to current occupation.)

Organizations/Affiliations: (Who does your character side with?)

IQ: 198

Education: Fucking good, mate.

School: Eh.

Grade: Straight A's

Special Education: Constant honor roll and certificates signifying his excellence.

Social Stereotype: Total nerd with emotional issues.

Degrees: (What degrees did/would they earn in school?)

Intelligence: (Linguistic/logical/spatial/kinesthetic/musical/interpersonal/intrapersonal/naturalist)

Religion: (Self Explanatory)

Morals: (What does your character find morally right or wrong?)

Crime Record: (Relationship with authority, laws broken, and crimes committed.)

Motivation: (What moves your character? [Ex: Power, money, love)]

Priorities: (What does your character place first, second, and third?)

Philosophy: "Save a life, Save you soul."

Political Party: (Ex: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative)

Etiquette: (How good our your characters manners? Do they bow or chew with their mouth open?)

Culture: (Any things your character may do specific to a certain culture. [Ex: Bowing in Japan] Do your research on this one or you could offend people. )

Influences: (Who or what inspires your character to change? Do they influence anyone else?)
Relates to: (Who can your character relate to?)

Traditions: (Does your character sit around the table with their family? What holidays do they celebrate?)

Superstitions: "If you do not tap on one of your medical beds every morning, fortune will avoid you."

Main Goal: "To make an impact on those I come across before I pass. This is my true goal."

Minor Goals/Ambitions: (What is your character trying to accomplish?)

Career: (What would be your character's dream job?)

Desires: (What does your character want?)

Wishlist: (What material items does your character want?)

Accomplishments: (Did they succeed in any goals?)

Greatest Achievement: "Becoming a doctor, likely."

Biggest Failure: "

Secrets: "The world may never know."

Regrets: "Letting my late wife pass is... A large regret, as well as hurting my new love in the past..."

Worries: " I worry that this ship will fall apart when I pass. That is it. No, really."

Best Dream: (What would be the best thing that could possibly happen to your character?)

Worst Nightmare: (The worst thing that could ever happen?)

Best Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

Worst Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)

Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)

Likes: (What does your character like?)

Dislikes: (What can't they stand?)

Sense of Humor: (Dark/dry/witty/sarcastic/dirty/childish/sophisticated/ironic)

Pet Peeves: (Similar to dislikes, only more relating to human behavior than specific objects. Ex: When people tap on things or when people say "You're not fat!" when you really are)

Superstitions/Beliefs: Superstitions, yes. Everything else? Nah.

Dreams/Nightmares: (What do they dream about? [at night])

Quirks: (The strange little things that your character does to make them unique. Ex: Sleeps with their feet on the pillow or runs their hand along a pole as they walk beside it.)

Savvy: (What is your character particularly well-informed of? [Ex: Politically, nature)

Can't understand: (Something they just can't get into, such as English literate or obsession with sports)
Closet Hobby: (Something that your character likes but isn't too obvious.)

Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

Strengths: (What makes them stand a bit above the crowd? [Ex: Courageous, good listener, calm under pressure] Not supernatural abilities.)

Flaws: (Refers to negative personality traits, not a weakness. Make sure it's a deep flaw that could actually affect your character, not something trivial like "She can't dance". [Ex: Lies constantly, socially backwards, hot-tempered])

Perception: (How does your character generally see the world?)

Conflicts: (What issues make your character want two things, but they can't have both?)

Instincts: (What they are unconsciously driven to do)

Lures: (What are they inexplicably drawn to be near? Ex: Power, money, the helpless)

Soft Spot: (Their vulnerability, what they feel sorry for or have particularly good feelings toward)

Cruel Streak: (What makes a character act against their usual morals, and act especially mean? (everyone has something that can do this to them))

Powers/Abilities: (Here is where to put any superhuman powers and other abilities your character possesses. Be sure to balance them out with weaknesses, or your character loses credibility. This section may be optional depending on what genre you write.)

Origin: (How did they get their powers?)

Source: (How do they use their powers? [ex: shoots fire from hands, can read minds with their ring)
Ability: (How adept are they at using said powers?

Weaknesses: (Make it something that your character exclusively is weak to, and keep it credible. [Ex: A 4-headed radioactive dinosaur is not a credible weakness.])

Immunities: ([Ex: cannot be burned] Be very careful with this one.)

Restrictions: (An absolute necessity for those with supernatural powers. [Ex: Can only breathe fire when angry or can only cast darkness spells twice a day])

Alternate Forms: (Transformations, shape shifting abilities, dark side, ect.)

Extra Anatomy: (Such as wings or a third eye)

Favorite Colors:
Purple, Green

Favorite Animals:

Favorite Mythological Creatures: The Leviathan

Favorite Places:
Hanar, His office

Favorite Landmarks: (Ex: Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore)

Favorite Flavors: (Ex: Vanilla, Sour, Strawberry)

Favorite Foods:
Any sort of cake.

Favorite Drinks:
Coffee, Scotch

Favorite Characters: (Not one of yours)

Favorite Genre:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Games:

Favorite Shows:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Bands:

Favorite Songs:

Favorite Sports:

Favorite Stores:

Favorite Subjects:

Favorite Numbers:

Favorite Websites:

Favorite Words:

Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Least Favorite Colors:

Least Favorite Animals:

Least Favorite Mythological Creatures:

Least Favorite Places:

Favorite Landmarks:

Least Favorite Flavors:

Least Favorite Foods:

Least Favorite Drinks:

Least Favorite Characters:

Least Favorite Genre:

Least Favorite Books:

Least Favorite Movies:

Least Favorite Games:

Least Favorite Shows:

Least Favorite Music:

Least Favorite Bands:

Least Favorite Songs:

Least Favorite Sports:

Least Favorite Stores:

Least Favorite Subjects:

Least Favorite Numbers:

Least Favorite Websites:

Least Favorite Words:

Least Favorite Quotations: "The world may never know." , "I do not believe this."

Languages: (What languages does your character speak and how fluently?)

Accent: (Self explanatory)

Voice: (High pitched, low pitched)

Speech Impediments: (Stutters, slurs, or whistles)

Greetings and Farewells: (How does your character say hello and goodbye?)

State of Mind: (Ask your character "how are you" and see how they respond)

Compliment: (Have your character say something nice)

Insult: (Have your character insult someone)

Expletive: (Can be an actual cuss (Ex: Dammit) or some kind of substitute. (Ex: Darn it!)

Laughter: (What does your character's laugh sound like?)

Tag Line: (Something your character says a lot in everyday sentences. Can often be filled with a sound or vocalization. Ex: Lol, dude, uh)

Signature Quote: (Something significant your character says. Doesn't have to be meaningful, just make it memorable.)

Reputation: A good doctor with a slight temper, though they can be selfish at times... And stubborn.

First Impressions: "Wait, is that a Drell?"

Stranger Impressions: "Is that a fucking Drell?"

Friendly Impressions: "Oh hey it's the Doc. How you doing, Doc?"

Enemy Impressions: "I will destroy you."

Familiar Impressions: "He's been lonely for so long..."

Compliments: "Once, I was told I have a cute butt. Also, I am told that I am the best doctor around. That was nice."

Insults: "I was once called an intolerable bastard, incapable of feeling the slightest of emotions. It was so very hurtful."

Self-Impression: "What do I really want?"
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Oct 17, 2017
I'm making updates tonight and will continue them when I come home from work tomorrow. Tell me if you want to be added or if I should add something.


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May 13, 2017
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