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Orsons gamemaker Application

Orson the Pilot

Jul 16, 2021
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:526404786

What are the current names you have in game?: Orson and Stereo

How long have you been a part of the server?: IWas active for a little bit a year ago and ive been back for about 2 months and intend to stay.

Do you have any bans/warnings?:
-What were these bans for?: None

What is your age? [Minimum 15]: 15

Do you have a microphone? [Required]: Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak? [Required]: Yes
-What is your name in TeamSpeak?: Orson/Jenkins

Do you have Discord? [Required]: Yes
-What is your discord ID?: [Chaffee#7277]

Are you currently staff on a different server? No Are you willing to leave that staff position for the one you are applying for?:N/A


Experience with staffing [ULX, other servers, etc.]: I was a GM on GL star wars RP for a very long time

How active are you on the server?: Im in whenever I can and not working

When are you usually available? [Days of Week/Time/Time zone]: Monday definetly late on weekends and weekdays are whenever Im not at work

What do you believe to be your best qualities that can contribute to being a Gamemaker?: Creativity, seeing things inside from outside and knowledge of the lore

What do you plan to do as a Gamemaker?: [50+ Words] My plans are to provide unique events to the community where all branches are included that are driven by a process and keep all the palyers engaged. I plan to take what I know about the players and what they like to create events that will suit them and that they will enjoy

What 10 Commands do you know about that are in SAM and what exactly do they do?:
!goto <Player> Goes to the player that you typed in
!bring <Player> brings the player to you
!give <player name> <weapon> gives the selected player the selected weapon>
!model <player> <modelpath>
!hp <player> <amount>
!god <player> makes the player invincible
!strip <player> takes everything from the player
!respawn <player> resets the player back to their spawn
!cloak <player> makes the player invisible.
!buddha <player> makes it so the player can take damage until they reach one hp.
What is In character and what is Out of character?: IC is Voice outside of GM announcments regular chat and RP OOC is OOC chat and local OOC

Do you believe you are able to work with a myriad of different people, some of which may have different opinions than yours?: Thats what I get paid to do IRL so I think ill be fine

What do you believe the job of a Gamemaker entails?: Keeping the players on and happy while providing an interesting experience.

Give us a full event idea that you have. [3+ Paragraphs]:
The players start off at the desert in orbit. The mission would be to secure the village and take out the URF inside. The URF would be hiding among civilians and in the village. During the assault the URF would begin firing artillery at the village causing the civilians to attack the UNSC as well.

Once the artillery begins firing SPEC OPS (ONI Spartans and possibly ODSTs) would be re deployed to take out the artillery while they are over there. The event would be kept up by mild air combat and more URF showing up. Once the artillery is taken out a covenant cruiser would show as they found a forerunner relic and the focus would shift to mainly surviving on the planet and taking the covenant down.

Naval ops would begin firing on the ship while an evacuation/hunker down sould start happening. Onxce the covenant ship is taken care of the forces would pull out while under fire from some remaning banshees. Depending on how much time the players take a covenant super carrier would pssibly show up and start to annihlilate the UNSC forces prompting a hurry up of the evacuation. Once that is complete everyone would return to base and debrief would commence.

Did any current Gamemaker refer you to apply?: No
-Who?: N/A

I <Orson> Agree and understand that I am not staff, and it is not my job to do staff duties, unless there is 0 staff on I will not use my commands unless needed. I also agree that I will not noclip/abuse my powers.

I, <Orson>, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in a warning or a demotion.

I, <Orson>, Swear to uphold the server rules, and enforce them. I will make sure to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within GM's, as well as keep a calm head and clear judgement when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

And that if I <Orson> am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from GM's and or staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed Necessary.
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Mar 16, 2021
IC/OOC section doesnt appear to have a vary clear line between the two

event idea seems fairly generic, covenant being thrown in the middle of a urf attack seems odd, as does the URF firing on their own agents with artillery., however it does specify multiple branches to get them involved.


Jul 24, 2021
-1 Get more substance to the event, please. Fill up those paragraphs a bit more then I will change it