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R52 SgtMaj Lee Dossier (MIA, presumed KIA)


Years of Service
Aug 4, 2017
--Opening File--
Name: Lee Vaughny Dagger
Rank: Sergeant Major
Status: MIA, presumed KIA

Physical Description:
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build: Mesomorph
Eye Color: Brown/Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Facial Hair: None
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 210.5 lbs

Notable Physical Features:
  • Long scars across back (x7)
  • Tattoo over left side upper chest featuring a hammer striking a broken block, lightning connect where the hammer connects with the block
Last Seen: Outpost Alpha, UNSC Forward Operating Base on Planet Shoa (Shoh-u)
Wearing: Standard UNSC Rhino-5 Uniform, with red beret, and standard shader visor.
No notable changes in features or behavior prior to disappearance.

Service Record:

  • EOD Squad Golf 0-4
  • (Highest rank achieved: LCpl)
  • Heavy Specialist Infantry Rhino 5
  • (Highest rank achieved: SgtMaj)
POB: Persia IX
Notable Relatives: Olivia Dagger (Mother, KIA), and John Oswald Dagger (Father, MIA)
Notable Incidents: Lee was detained and arrested by military police personnel for aggravated assault against a PVT who had interrupted an attempt to hold a religious ceremony. Lee was charged with aggravated assault, battery, and attempt to harm his fellow marine. Incident is is notable due to the fact it took 4 regular military police officers to restrain him after a 5 minute wrestle. Talks of demotions were had, but dismissed on the fact that a PVT had been disrespectful of Lee and the pratices involved, which Lee held sacred.
Character Description and Past Experiences:
Lee has been described as a pious and effective leader on and off the battle field. He is notable for his experience in combat and his uncanny ability to maintain a level head in high stres environments. Lee also has a strong affinity for the MA5D assault rifle, preferring it almost to all other weapons when asked. Notable possessions include a small gold gilded cross which hung above his bed before being destroyed in an engagement with Covenant invaders at Outpost Alpha. His affinity for religion and God seems to have not been impacted by his mistreatment by his father from an early age.

Much of Lee's early childhood is filled with harsh and brutal memories of neglect, child abuse, pious worship of what has been perceived as a "Pagan God," and the death of his mother; GySgt Olivia Dagger of marine company [FILE MISSING].
Following the death of Lee's mother during some of the first battles with the Covenant, Lee was subjected to the strict and harsh treatment of his father, John Oswald Dagger. Oswald was a piteous and sharp man, who held a position of importance in the now dissolved religious organization known as "The Church of the Broken God." Much information about this organization was lost following it's dissolving.
With his father, the cruel and unusual punishments Lee was forced to take included, involuntary starvation in the form of prolonged fasting, long and desolate periods of being alone due to Oswald's duties as a figure of the church, and lashing by whip for offenses deemed particularly horrendous.
At the age of of 17, Lee's father failed to return home. Despite two long investigations and a long period of searching throughout UNSC controlled space, Oswald was never recovered, and information on the circumstances of his disappearance was never found.
5 years later, and following an unsuccessful career in agriculture, Lee would enlisted with the UNSC Marine Corps. He began his journey as a PVT in Golf 0-4. His light training, (it is unknown where he learned basics of explosive making,) allowed him to transfer directly to Golf 0-4 at the discretion of Victor Grimm. Lee is often quoted as having called Victor Grimm his first true mentor, and it showed as Lee has 3 successful diffuses on record, and reportedly many other successful defuses of things such as IEDs, and hair trigger explosive traps.
Although his time in Golf 0-4 was well spent, training and learning the ins and outs of being a proper marine under Grimm's guidance, it was not to last. At the rank of LCpl, Lee Dagger was offered a position in the prestigious Rhino 5 company, lead by Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Aible Reins. Lee accepted the position of R52, and was welcomed into the squad by friend and ally, MSgt Malarkey.
Unfortunately, in Lee's first deployment as a member of Rhino 5, many of his fellow Rhinos in the defense of a colony world under siege by Covenant remnant forces. Following the missions of this defensive operation, the remains members of Rhino 5 were cut down to SMMC Aible Reins, MSgt Malarkey, and Cpl Lee Dagger. In the wake of these casualties, Malarkey went MIA, and SMMC Aible Reins would be taking a long leave of abesence due to medial problems. Lee was often alone in his company, following orders diligently, and behaving professionally. It would not be until the newest additions of Rhino 5, Lex, Tygr, Sarcasm, Nop, and Zydous, would be really begin to be a better leader. Following the earning of the rank of sergeant, and attending NCO schools taught and lead by Captain Hawk of Zulu 1. Many successful operations, QRF missions, and defenses were had with Lee and his fellow Rhinos. The success of the these missions allowed all members of Rhino 5 to rise quickly through the ranks. Later on, members of Rhino 5 would begin being recruited into the different regiments and branches of the UNSC entirely. Once again leaving Lee to be alone, he was elected to be the executive officer of Rhino 5. Using this position, and following a number of promotions, Lee would go on to be practical leader of Rhino 5 while Aible Reins took another medical leave. Lee would eventually come to the rank of SgtMaj, and allow two more marines to join the ranks of Rhino 5, before going MIA. He is remembered by those whom he served alongside in the heat of battle who are still with us today.

--File Closed--
OOC: This post doesn't have to do anything with an event I'm going to do or anything along those lines. It's more so to remember a great character who I had the best times on. Here's to all the people who carried me to the top and back.