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Rick's Asari Application

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May 25, 2017
Steam Name / Steam ID : Rick http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032643967/

How long have you played on the server?: About a month or two.

Characters name/nicknames: Myriae Masir (No relation to the old server)

Characters Race((Be aware Quarian, and Turian are application only and must have a detailed backstory in order for the character to be accepted: Asari Commando

Requested position aboard the ship((http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/available-positions.5978/)): Quartermaster on ship
Designated marksman off ship

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:
M-97 Viper
Biotic Abilities: I would like to use any since she is a commando, but if needed I can limit myself to lift and throw.

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.):

    • Chaotic Good, "Rebel"
Characters Backstory:

About her parents :

Myriae was born to a Turian Sergeant and an Asari which gave her an overall obedient nature, but with a rebellious side. The mother worked in a bar as a bartender at the age of 353 where her parents met and instantly started hitting it off. Once the two were married they soon had Myriae.

Masir’s Upbringing:

Masir was born on the Citadel where she spent her sort of childhood learning all she could about anything she could. She often got into arguments and fights with her peers from the fiery attitude she got from her mother, as well as using them to train her biotics by making small pranks against them. However her superiors she listened to without a second thought due to her father teaching her the Turian morals. As Masir neared the maiden stage of her life she learned about Asari Huntresses, and aspired to be one which her mother obliged, albeit a little hesitant to the idea. Once she hit the maiden stage of her life she left for the Asari home world to begin training as a commando. For the next twenty three years she spent her life learning to fight, training her biotics, and becoming quite skilled with all sort of weaponry, but she found a special interest in long range weapons the most. The training would have gone longer if not for the reapers’ attack where she was forced to defend her hometown. It was not easy and involved a very large amount of luck, but somehow she survived the war. Upon hearing about how her daughter fought in this war her mother urged Masir to settle down at the citadel. Myriae thought about the idea for quite sometime after losing so many sisters and friends during the war. She didn’t want to stay in one place though, settling down just didn’t appeal to her sense of adventure and wanting to learn.

Commando Training:

Upon reaching the Asari homeworld she showed off her potential by showing the small group of leaders her biotic abilities which impressed them enough to allow her to attend. The first few years were brutal on Myriae’s body since she never focused on her strength and more focused on her wits in the Citadel, however it did help her figure out new and different solutions to the problems she faced essentially working smarter and not harder. As she built up her strength the normal tasks and trainings she was put through got easier and easier, allowing her to more focus on honing her abilities as well as how to use her biotics in conjunction with her rifle training. One combination she focused on heavily was using her biotics to pull the enemies from cover to get a clear shot on their head as they try to recover, but even then it wasn’t good enough for her. She continued to focus on other biotic abilities, using different combinations to give her the upper hand in a hand to hand fight or long range combat. The one thing she seemed to lack in was the use of shotguns to where she could never seem to understand how to use the guns close, but powerful range to her advantage. Over the years she spent training she mastered the use of assault rifles and snipers while keeping her above decent skill with shotguns which could have been made better if she had the time to do so.

Reaper War:

When the reapers attacked her homeworld she was assigned with another commando to move along the outer planets to try and stop the reaper invasion. Even with the training, as well as the hit and run tactics, she couldn’t fully stop them, but did stall them, along with her fellow sisters, for a decent amount of time. Along the way she lost her partner and opted to fighting alone, sustaining multiple minor injuries and a couple major ones which she continued to push through, despite the discomfort she felt. During the last stand on the Asari homeworld she was a part of the group of commandos assigned to fighting off the reapers while the key to the crucible was escorted from the world. When Thessia was finally attacked and overrun she joined the war efforts to assist her sisters in protecting the crucible and when the reapers finally fell sighed a breath of relief that it was all finally over.

After the war:

With the reapers taken care of she helped her people rebuild, focusing most of her time in helping any way she could as well as giving time to mourn all the lost friends and family she’d grown to know. When she was no longer needed to assist she essentially finished her commando training and went to the Citadel to visit her mother, but still being in her maiden years wanted to continue to explore the galaxy. With her mom pressing her to settle down somewhere she gave it some thought, but just couldn’t bring herself to do so and looked to join the join task force she heard about while on the Citadel.

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: To explore the galaxy as well as better her skills.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : She was hired by PTFC due to her already developed skills which they feel they can utilize.
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Aug 19, 2017
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