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Sanction Policy

Mr Fielding

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May 5, 2017
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Sanction Policy

Verbal Warning Order:
PFC. Audiles Decanus

Private First Class Decanus miss-conducted a High Value Target (HVT) once captured while on mission, defence 'I accidentally dropped him.'
Issued By: S Ri Vas Icarus

Pvt. Neveris Wolfgang
Private Wolfgang has been charged of minor assualt on a fellow trooper within the crew. Hes been issued with the Verbal Warning Order (VWO) and a demotion.
Issued By: S Ri Vas Icarus

Official Warning Order:

Pvt. Urdnot Malax:

Private Malax actions have got many injured due to throwing in a grenade into a C.Q.B spacing, along with not acknowledging that friendlies were in the area meaning following troops got injured.
Issued By: S Ri Vas Icarus

Dishonourably Discharge:

Pvt. Adam Krestler

Private Krestler actions on the field due to medical miss-conduct were unacceptable. Giving a Turian Levo medication and close to getting him killed, while in a combat situation making the fellow trooper a casualty.
Issued By: S Ri Vas Icarus

Pvt. Jakius Rivan

Jakius Rivan has shown clear signs of recklessness and no care for the lives of his fellow crew members and the value of the JTF vessel, he is hereby being dishonourable discharged from the JTF and being stripped of his rank, weapons, armour and sent to the Citadel.
Issued By: V S Indantis

Who hands out sanctions and how to get a sanction?

The people who can only hand out sanctions on the ship is Staff Sergeant and plus, however, Corporals and Sergeants do have the authority to place superabundance in the brig if they're breaking any of the following regulations.

Lack Of Respect

Lying to


Lack Of Discipline

Showing disregard of their actions

Putting other lives in danger

Failure to follow simple orders

Miss-Conduct on duty or with POWs

If also higher than a Pvt depending on the severity of the sanction it CAN lead to a DEMOTION! Or possibly into an imitate dishonourable


The Captain has the overall Authority of all permissions.

Ships 2IC / SiC (1Lt / 2Lt)

The 2IC / SiC has the overall permissions, yet cannot overall the Captain.

Head NCO (Master Sergeant)

The head NCO has the overall permissions, yet cannot overall the Captain ore the Ship's 2IC / SiC

Head Of NCO's 2IC / SiC (Staff Sergeant)

The head NCO's 2IC / SiC can only sanction up to the Warning Order category, however he / she also does have the permission to demote Corporals and below. Including cannot overall the Captain, Ship's 2IC / SiC or the head NCO.

If you have any questions, please report to the Head NCO, ships 2IC / SiC of the Captain.

Master Sergeant. S Ri Vas Icarus

Captain. V Indantis

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