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Security: Consiliums and Orders


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Feb 11, 2017

"The Aegis Securities"

Militarius Navigium Consiliums and Orders for cantavit securites sactioned by Command and user placed consiliums by Sergeant Deius Victonius the Security Commanding Officer, these are pages off the mandation book collaged into a single sheet for Security there will be more.

Title 1 "Detainment"
"You are reading the Command section of security procedures, guides, rules, and regulations."
"When the perpetrator has come in with an injustice to fight another, he or she will show a threat to proceed with the following needed directions you must have all equipment needed and ready for the apprehending process.
"You must have the following OMNI Jammer, handcuffs tungsten dueled with omnigel, EMP fragmentary weapon, and your stationary radio which should be handed out by either the XO or CO of Security on your vessel."
"If said person has a weapon you must disarm carefully without doing it too late, as there will be no victims taken place if you do it quick and steady this might take a fight but once the weapon is disarmed, you must put arms around the back tightly and immediately chain handcuffs/OMNI Jammer on to the wrist with a tight but not too tight of a circulation risk then stand up the detaine and have men with you to escort him/her to the brig, if you are not on the ship at the said time keep held captive and call in an escorter from Command, EMP Fragmentary weapons are only used to disable technicalogical weaponary that could be used against your odds or harm others."
"...Once the said person is in the brig you must have a confined secured space that will help proceed in asking questions, your questions must be direct but smart as there are loopholes into what one can lie about in order for the said person to start talking first ask in no means to harm if the said person won't talk you must verify of his/her punishments leading to the witnessed matter which should do the talking, once you get the information out of the person that's if you do remember torture isn't allowed unless said by Command, Captain or the Security CO but anything that goes against the convention will lead to war crimes which will terminate you from military ordeals and get you discharged. The information will be recorded in a report that you may send into the Security Database."
"After all of the following actions are done your Captain, Command or Security CO will decide what to do with the prisoners with the following accusations, criminal record, medical record, eyewitness accounts, evidence and information against the prisoner most of them lead in prison, death sentence, execution, or community service but if it's a crew member discharge, medical leave, suicide watch, incombatantary actions, demotion or warning."

Title 8 "Suicide Watch"
"If person is under threat of self-harm to kill then the person must be put under sleep with a dose of isoflurane so the person will not subject him/herself to self harm inside their cell or sleeping area, if the person isn't better in a week then they will have to be medically discharged and put into a medical insitute until they are fully recovered."

Signed by Security Commanding Officer Sergeant Deius Victonius.
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