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Silent’s Junior developer application


Trial Developer
Halo RP
Apr 23, 2018
United States of America
General Questions


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:154574909


Timezone: Eastern

When did you join Revival?:September of 2018

What experience, if any, do you have relating to GLua? (N/A if beginner.):N/A

Are you prepared to put the time and effort into learning?:yes

Why do you want to join the Revival Servers Development Team? (100 words min.): I wanna become a developer because I wanna better the server with what ever i can do. I willing to complete any task that come to hand or is given to me, even if i cant do it i will ask for help to get the work done. I wanna do anything to make the server better and grow as a whole, I believe in building a base for myself i will work to better my skills and put those skills into the server and the development team. I am determined to bring out the simplest within the server. i will be able to always follow my duties to the letter. My goal is to be a vigorous member people come to for help and hopefully to search out a friendly face within the community. this is often what i need to prevent and possible create an environment where others can come and fulfill alittle dream of role playing as their own character during a different universe. Since I came to halo rp, i have been intent on on being a full of life member of the community. I'm sure by now everyone knows me. I are often an excellent leader to those that need leading when nobody else is around, i'll be available to assist at any time. i'm always friendly ensuring people are always engaged within the server in order that they don't get bored. i'm If not the foremost committed to my role out of my marine peers. and that i tend to remain that way in order that I can show those that i'm someone to speak to within the server. And it is a perfect opportunity to grow and expend towards my career path within the universe. this can be one in all my passions and that i want to find out quite anything.