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Sivus Ruftion Dossier.


Nov 29, 2017



> Sivis Ruftion :: Sivis Ruftion Selected.

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Unit Identification Information.


Unit Identification Image:

Full Name: Sivis Ruftion

Pronunciation: Shiv-Is Rough-Tin

Nickname/Alias: Siv

Meaning: Strong Will.

Origin: Named after his late Grandfather.

Title: None.

Pet Name:

  • Friend: Siv.
ID Number:

  • C-Sec #41-4382

  • Crew #5439
Signature: Neat and clean, but in the last letter it's a little messy.

Gender: Male

Gender Role: masculine

Orientation: Bisexual

Real Age: 29

Age Appearance: Looks to be around that age.

Languages: Turian

Accent: Turian flaging.


Birthday: January 5, 2158

Birthplace: Citadel

Immediate Family: Raise by his single father.

Parenting: strict

Species: Turian

Ethnicity: Brown skin.

Blood Type: Unknown

Preferred Hand: Right-handed

Eye Color: Light green

Makeup: White markings

Height: 6’10 tall

Weight: 95 Kilograms

Shoe Size: Size 16

Birthmarks/scars: Scar down his chest.

Health: Pretty healthy

Energy: Normal energy a soldier would have.

Memory: A-ok memory.

Allergies: Any kind of levo drink and food.

Addictions: A Romantic.

Style: A ‘By the book’ style.

Mode of Dress: Make sure his clothes is fited well on his body, not to tight and not to loose.

Posture: Stiff

Coordination: Above average physically fit, quick moving, but need a second to do so.

Habits and Mannerisms: makes clicking sounds with his mouth.

Scent: Smells alright.

Mood: Thoughtful and calm.

Attitude: Try to allow other people do most of the talking.

Stability: Can keep himself check most of the time.

Expressiveness: Hide emotions when wanted.

When Happy: Wide smile.

When Depressed: Sits alone.

When Angry:


Turian Phaeston with markings on the side

M-6 Carnifex

Home: Have a set paid apartment in the higher up sections of the citadel.

Neighborhood: Pretty nice people.

Transportation: Bus

Collections: Knives.

Most valuable possession: His life.

Prized Possession: A ancient Turian knife.

Occupation: Peacekeepers

Work Ethic: Feel like the job comes first in front of everything.

Rank: Corporal, IC of Infantry.

Wealth Status: Upper middle.

Experience: C-Sec Law Enforcement.




Jeanne Mary Heathers: This girl is gonna be the death of me one day. Even if she sometime acts the complete opposite to me, she is great. Could’ve make better choices on some people in her life, but no matter what. I have her back.



Neveris Wolfgang: I know he means good, but can maybe either a big dick or a needle in the ass. Can't talk to him for ten minutes without him bringing up the reapers, but in the end, he still an alright guy. Even if I'm now in command of in infantry and have to keep him in place.


Shela'Ri Vas Icarus: Never really dealt with that much quarians in my life, but if even half of them is like this woman. Then I’ll make sure to shut the fuck up and listen to them. You don't even need to talk to her about her military experience, just by the way she acts and her scars will tell you.

Audiles 'Praetor' Decanus: A some kind of mutant turian, making this guess do how tall he is, but matter not, he been a good corporal to me when I first joined the crew, and I respect him for that. Kinda ironic we pretty switch ranks and I'm now his corporal. Also could be more careful of Eli, in the bed and on the field.


Deius Victonius: Fuck. You make me think and feel things that I haven't been like for years. Even if some may be a little bad. There's something about you, that brings me to you. I will find out what this is. Hahaha, no matter how many nights we gotta spend together.



*Currently being block. Please enter password here #####*

More shall be added <3
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