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Smokey's Development Application


Feb 9, 2021
Name: Smokey (Vietnam Bravo)

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:454552253

Age: 18

Timezone: PST

When did you join Revival?: I joined revival on November 4th

What experience, if any, do you have relating to GLua? (N/A if beginner.): I used to make a few roblox servers with their lua but their lua is different than gmod lua, I also done some tweaking with some Gmod lua lately, been working on it and getting back into the feeling.

Are you prepared to put the time and effort into learning?: Yeah

Why do you want to join the Revival Servers Development Team? (100 words min.):
Well as in my last application I stated that I have already a beginners experience in development, I am already able to attend all lecturing courses and yes last time when I was in the beginnings of development when I just got into the first phase of it before training, I had a lot of family issues that I had to sort out, I am not going to get into it with the post, but the people who will be looking over this application have been notified of the situation. Now that I am stable I am able to get back into developing again and better the server.

I am able to attend all meetings and all courses and work day or night for the servers well being. I planned on working on the vietnam rp server but that got removed shortly after I got let in to get set up. I've been playing the Halo RP recently and thought to myself that I can help this server and try optimizing a bit so it doesnt lag as much during events and such. My main expertise is modeling but scripting is something I've been doing for a while now and in some parts I can be a little bit rusty. But I can nail modeling maps on hammer or whatever. But If I get accepted over other applicants I will dominate and have their activity. I will put most of my attention into it and get on the app whenever I can. Also in the world of modeling and in my imagination, I can see myself in the future help make some great event maps and really help out the others. Another hand on a product always helps.

I am stable now and I can actually be here. Sorry again for not sending my notice out when I left. I just came at me so quickly I didnt have time to think about it. And as sad as this might sound I have family set first for me. Still does not excuse the fact I made the mistake. But now that I am alright and on my feet and stable I think I can pursue this process again.

I had explicit permission from Holiday to post this.


Head Developer
Head Developer
Apr 25, 2020
Keep in contact with me Holiday#3313
~Head Developer Holiday