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Splinter's Krogan Application Mk.2

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Dec 1, 2017
United States of America
Steam Name / Steam ID : Splinters, STEAM_0:0:25110552

How long have you played on the server?: About a day now

Characters name/nicknames: Urdnot Malax

Characters Race:

Requested position aboard the ship: Heavy Gunner

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:

The N7 Typhoon (Medium to Long Range)

The M-300 Claymore (Close Range)

Armor Type- Heavy (around 100)

Krogan Blood Rage

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.):
Chaotic Good

Characters Backstory: Malax was spawned on Tuchanka in 1953 CE To a brood of 2 other male Krogans. He quickly proved to be the largest and fiercest of his brothers, picking fights with other Krogans anytime they "disrespected" or "looked at him funny". Never knowing the affection of a mother or a father, he grew a bond to his brood-mates. He looked up to his elders and to ancient Krogan society as a whole. He never clearly understood their art but admired them for their ferocity in battle and strength. Up until his rite, he was always looking for a fight, never backing down from overwhelming odds. Honor is everything to the Krogan, and Malax is no different. Retreat was the ultimate failure and in Malax's eyes, death is better then retreat. For a time, these values went untested while he learned of Krogan history, the ancients, the genophage, the uplifting, the rebellions. All of it intrigued him greatly, especially the ancients and the genophage. It astonished him that such a great civilization, one on the cusp of galatic domination, could've fallen so far back into the muck. He and his brothers were unstoppable, often taking out packs of Varren just with their fists. The other, younger Krogan, looked up to the trio as what a "true" Krogan should be. Often the brothers would butt heads over issues like galatic politics, with them all agreeing that the Turians and Salarians were weaklings that had to hide behind science to defeat the might of the Krogan horde. The brothers valued honor, kinmenship and glory as the traits of a true Krogan. They were closer then most Krogans ever got, and they often talked absent-mindly about how they were gonna explore the galaxy, destroying foe after foe until they died with a gun in their hand. And it seemed these dreams were going to become a reality... until the rite.

The rite is what all Krogans must face to become a true member of their clan, and to satisfy their adolecent bloodlust. As Malax was the strongest of the brothers, he was poised to finish his rite first, so when the time came for the rite, He obviously took the two best warriors a Krogan could ask for with him. Clan Urdnot's rite is to face wave after wave of Tuchanka's wild life, proving that they were worthy of the clan. Being full of themselves, arrogant as could be, the trio consider the rite as child's play and underestimated what would have been thrown at them. They took only their weaponry which were provided to them by a traveler a long, long time ago. Malax took only his fists and his rage as his weapons, trying to prove he was the best. His brothers came with traditional Krogan weaponry such as hammers and Graal Spike Launchers. They went to the surface, as they did many times before to hunt Varren. They began the rite full of confidence and bloodlust, then began the waves of creatures. At first it all seemed to good to be true, here Malax was slaying Varren with his brood-brothers, coated in blood, in a frenzy. All he could feel was rage and pure joy.... then the ground started to shake. A Thresher Maw pushed its way through the ground, for the first time in forever the brothers felt fear. It began tearing around the arena, killing the rest of the Varren. The brothers started to unload their measly weapons into the monster, but the projectiles seemed to almost bounce off the thick carapace. The first brother was the first to go, always the one trying to prove himself, he got more and more risky with his shots until the Maw ate him whole. At this point all that Malax felt was pure, unfiltered rage, and echoing sadness. It felt like a third of his heart was ripped away, he took his brothers Graal and unloaded it into the beast, this time catching some of the spikes into its thick skin, it unleashed a roar that shook Malax and his second brother to their cores. His second brother, even more angry then Malax was at the lost of his brother, attempted to replicate the luck Malax had at wounding the Maw, only to get struck with a tendril and falling to the side of the arena. Blood Rage at full effect, he picked up the other Graal and unloaded both of them into the Maw, this would never be enough to kill the monster but the beast was wounded enough it deemed the battle "not worth it" and quickly retreated. Malax hurried over to his fallen kin, his brood-brother, only to find out it was too late. He passed his rite, but at what cost? They buried the two warriors, no words were said. Malax never spoke for 50 years after that moment, taking the first flight off-world, Krogan don't cry.

The year is 2183, Malax is now 230 years old. The Malax of the present is nothing like his wild, optimistic self. He still retains his values of honor and glory, if only to appease the regret of his earlier years. He is serving on the Citadel as a Special Response unit for C-Sec, which allows him to fight the most dangerous enemies and satisfy his never ending blood lust. He is renowned for his sense of humor, which is dark at the best of times. This is in contrast to the empty sadness he felt long after his brothers' deaths. Malax now is much less full of himself, well as much as a Krogan can be. He spends sleep dreaming of what he could have done differently to save his brothers, despite what he appears to be on the outside. He doesn't feel guility, they died as they wanted to, fighting. Malax is a hardened warrior, he fought with many species, seeing how close minded he was in his youth. The quickness of the Salarians, the percision of the Turians, the spirit of the Humans and the raw power of the Asari showed him that all the species have something to bring to the table of war. He still hates the choices the Salarians and Turians made but he knows its in the past. One day on the Citadel, the Krogan was called in to handle a Volus and his goons making trouble. Him and his squad, consisting of two humans and a Turian, kicked in the door to a local residence where the criminals were holding a family hostage. The squad quickly eliminated the lesser warriors and freed the hostages. Malax noticed that the bodyguards of the Volus were Krogan and they carried rare weaponry that he had only seen on campaigns run by Alliance/Citadel Task Forces. They were to be confiscated but he noticed them to a N7 Typhoon and a M-300 Claymore, both expensive and powerful weapons. When they got back to the station the Human part of his squad rushed off to a screen. He asked them what was the rush and they replied the colony of "Eden Prime" was attacked by Geth and strange cybernetic creatures. Malax was hit by a wave of aggression he hadn't felt sense he was on Tuchanka all those years ago, he knew this was his next challenge and it wasn't going to be an easy one. Instead of turning in those weapons he took them for himself and didn't even leave a note when he left C-Sec and the Citadel, heading for his next enemy.

It is now 2186, Malax is now 233 but feels centurys older. The last three years have aged him more then the last 230 years before could have ever done. He is pessimistic, but still somehow retains his humor. Fighting the geth changed him, he did not trust synthetic life anymore then he trusted a hungry Varren. He fought with the best the Galaxy had to offer, killing all manners of horrors. He destroyed Geth, Collectors and eventually something even he thought no manner of life could beat, the reapers. Of course Malax tried to fight an actual reaper, but that didn't work out very well. He killed their cybernetic slaves, bathing in their blood. In this fight, Malax believed he was fighting the greatest foe the galaxy would've ever known, and believed it would be his last fight. He found out that reapers had been reported on Tuchanka and he knew he would have to go home, after a century of waiting. He took the next ship to Tuchanka he could find and went back to his clan, he found out alot has changed. A new leader, Wrex was appointed. Malax didn't think much of it, he felt him and Wrex had alot of the same beliefs but he seemed excited about something. For a moment in Clan Urdnot's home, he heard alot of yelling and shouts. He came outside of his temporary home and caught a glimpse of the Galaxy's future savior, Commander Shepard before climbing into a truck with Wrex, setting off towards the Shroud. While Malax wondered what they were doing, he concerned himself with reports of husks in the tunnels near the Clan. Mowing down the abominations of Human, Turian and even some Krogan machinations made by the reapers. Killing horde after horde of worthless husks he found himself with a cybernetic Krogan made by the reapers, Malax dropped his weapons and took to fighting the horror with his fists. Eventually ripping off it's head and basking in it's putrid blood. He retrieved his weapons and made his way out of the tunnels, feeling safe in the thought the reapers would no longer trouble those halls. When he made it back, every Krogan was whooping for the returned heros, Malax made his way to find out that the genophage, the plight that has stunted Krogan growth for a thousand years was cured. He was filled with such a profound happiness that words could not describe it. He made his way to thank Shepard and Wrex but he was blocked by the crowd and settled for shouting like the rest of the Krogan. The end times war seemed far away in that victory. Shepard would go on to save the galaxt from the reapers and Malax did what little he could with his shotgun and LMG, mowing down the hordes of hell.

A few months after the end of the war, Malax is serving aboard a new JTF ship, filled with all manner of species. He doesn't know what to make of his crew mates, he feels himself growing more and more attached to them by the day. He has nightmares of them dieing by a thresher maw, eaten up so not even the body could be recovered. He pushes aside these fears to tear at the heart of their enemys, protected his crew with a barrage of fire only a Krogan could wield. His enemies are great, but it is nothing this Krogan cannot handle.

What is your character's goal on the ship: Malax's goal on the ship is to improve Krogan relations with other species, however that is the offical goal. Malax is truely on the ship to kill strong enemies, after the reapers, Malax evaluated how great he thought Varren were in his youth and determined there will always be a greater threat. So Malax hopes to find and fight that enemy along with his crew.

Why were they hired by PTFC? :
Malax was hired on the pretense that working around alien species would help younger Krogans foster a better opinion of them, and therefore teach this to their offspring. He was also hired for his physical stature, being able to wield weapons that would rip smaller species' arms off. This coupled with his centurys of combat expertise make him a "tough as nails" combatant that no-one wants on their bad side.
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Feb 11, 2017
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