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Startling News From the Sol System



Bastion News Alliance
December 3, 255-
6:45 AM (UEG Standard time)
New Paris, Mars

A group of mineral transport ships were suddenly caught off guard this morning at 2 AM as two UNSC Paris class frigates within a small fleet began firing on one another in what appeared at first to be some sort of horrifying freak accident. However after about 4 minutes of steady engagement and the sudden firing of a MAC round at one of the UNSC Frigates by the Marathon class cruiser ended the barrage quickly. The 9th defense fleet, Verdant Dawn was quickly brought to port in New Harmony, Mars and many of the wounded crew were either treated on scene or moved to additional medical faculties away from the ship yard.
A mere 2 hours after landing, a small explosive device was detonated inside of the bridge of the Marathon class, killing all several of the crew members inside the bridge, and injuring another 9 on other stations near the bridge. No civilian casualties have yet been reported at the time of this recording. Of those injured, were two high ranking naval officers, Ensign Edmund Lor’Everte and LT Maria De La Cruz. Lor’Everte was wounded during the initial naval engagement of the two frigates, but only suffered from a broken wrist, arm, and collarbone. De La Cruz on the other hand was critically injured by the explosion detonated in the bridge of the UNSC Marathon class and was subsequently hospitalized off site of the ship yard. A total casualty report of just under 300 souls is the current estimation, but no confirmation on that statistic has been given at this time.
More curiously, although the corresponding UNSC officers have yet to comment on the situation at large, those involved with the press were informed of the murder of a Naval WO1 George Obsidian, and the kid napping of the Command and Chief of 9th Defence Fleet, Adrian Kovalic. It was later revealed that Obsidan had been murdered inside of his quarters on board the cruiser while communicating with the Admrial, who was also stationed inside of his quarters. Obsidian was stabbed twice in the back of his torso, and shot once in the head, supposedly after he had been debilitated by his stab wounds. Kovalic became MIA during the battle between the two frigates as well, as when two marines reportedly attempted to check on the Admiral, all they found was the destroyed room of Kovalic, and a pool of blood on his desk.
The alleged kidnapping was brought into question as soon as the report had reached other Naval Officers on scene at the time, and is currently being investigated. As for the murder of George Obsidian, it is relatively a mystery. It was also revealed that a large portion of what the two Naval officers had been discussing was deleted after the time of their death, by whoever may have kidnapped Kovalic. A small percentage of what had been communicated however, was deleted by Kovalic before his disappearance from the ship. Additional security footage from onboard the ship revealed that the two men had been talking in person for quite some time after their departure from a station on the outskirts of UNSC controlled space. The station in question was left ambiguous but was confirmed to have no connections to the attack.
As for the cause of the attack, that has also been left in the dark. Although signs point to some sort of attack from within, starting with the two ships attacking one another, the UNSC correspondents have affirmed that it is highly unlikely that such a feat is nigh impossible. Although no direct cause was given due to lack of certifiying evidence, hints of a severe miscommunication error, and a fatal engineering error have been pointed to as primary suspects, but not hardly confirmed. As the situation here on Mars takes time to unwind, many look onward in shock and disbelief. Many bystanders report not having seen anything like this since the end of the Human Covenant War. The feeling is tense, and many even suffer from minor episodes of post traumatic stress disorder. As dawn breaks on the Martian skyline, many awake to the familiar places they live, however nearly three hundred will not be receiving the same experience, and today we mourn their loss. A group of individuals who fought and died to defend humanity. May they Rest In Peace.

Rebecca Algozi, Bastion News