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Sylas Dossier WIP

Jack Hat

Jan 28, 2017
United States of America
> Sylas :: Sylas Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Full Name: Sylas
Pronunciation: Psy-las
Nickname/Alias: Junk (Old given name)
Origin: (How did you come up with your character's name?)
Title: Machine
Pet Name: Junk, Machine, robot, scrap heap.
ID Number: Loki Unit number: 4512BcZ
Signature: All of his writing is typed.

Gender: Neither, but identifies as male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: Self Aware for 19years (Sheltered from end of Reaper War)
Age Appearance: "Uhh.....no comment"
Birthday: "I became self aware on 4/21/68"
Deathday: "That cant really happen"
Birthplace: "I reached self awareness on the Prometheus"
Astrological Sign: (Western)
Zodiac Sign: (Eastern)

Immediate Family: (Who was your character raised by?)
Distant Family: (The ones they don't see every day)
Parenting: (Were their parents strict or fun-loving?)
Upbringing: Fear
Infancy: "People hated me. They wanted me to die..."
Childhood: "Some people loved me, most hated me still. I cared for the children on the ship."
Adolescence: "I was on a ship. The Prometheus abandoned me on a mission."
Adulthood: "I am here, get used to it. I can be your friend or you can hate me. I am a great ally to have in my mind."
Coming of Age: "
Evolution: "I was childish and immature at first, then I became

Species: AI
Ethnicity: AI
Blood Type: Coolant
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Facial Type: Perfect rounded rectangle when viewed from front.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color None
Hairstyle: None
Skin Tone: pale white, black camo.
Complexion: "One sexy piece of machinary"
Makeup: "All natural"
Body Type: (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or somewhere in between?)
Build: (Long legs, chubby cheeks, or muscular arms?)
Height: (In inches)
Weight: (In pounds)
Cup Size: (Self explanatory)
Facial Hair: (If applicable)
Shoe Size: (Self Explanatory)
Birthmarks/scars: (Self explanatory)
Distinguishing Features: (Something unique that stands out)

Health: (How healthy is your character?)
Energy: (How much energy does your character have on a daily basis?)
Memory: (How well does your character remember things, and what do they remember?)
Senses: (Are any of your character's senses better or worse than others?)
Allergies: (Self Explanatory. May be optional.)
Handicaps: ([Ex: A limp, deafness, missing an eye] May be optional.)
Medication: (What meds do your character take, if any?)
Phobias: (Things that simply terrify your character. May be trivial or debilitating. Try to have at least one.)
Addictions: (Drugs, alcohol, gambling, or bad teen romance)
Mental Disorders: ([Ex: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia.] May be optional.)

Style: (The overall style your character shows, not just limited to clothing. Ex: Punk, Goth, Nerd)
Mode of Dress: (Don't describe their clothes here. Describe how they wear their clothes. Two people can wear a suit, but each will wear it differently. [Ex: Is the shirt tucked in?])
Grooming: (Well-kept or messy?)
Posture: (How does your character present themselves? Ex: Stiff, slouchy, suggestive)
Gait: (The speed and style which how your character moves)
Coordination: (How physically fit is your character? Also add things like reflexes, ect.)
Habits and Mannerisms: (Any nervous ticks or unconscious habits your character might have. Ex: Nail biting, crosses arms, or twirls hair)
Scent: (What does your character smell like? Good or bad? How strong?)

Mood: (What mood are you most likely to catch your character in?)
Attitude: (How does your character interact with others?)
Stability: (How emotionally consistant are they?)
Expressiveness: (Do they hide emotion or let it out openly?)
When Happy: (Ex: Whistles, sings, skips)
When Depressed: (Ex: locks themself in their room, listens to music, hugs a stuffed animal)
When Angry: (Ex: Punches walls, screams at people, trolls online)
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: (Where does your character live right now? May or may not include a geographical location)

Community: (What does the general population act like where your character lives?)

Elizabeth Cross
"Ive cared for her and her sister while I was a childrens caretaker. She calls me 'Robo-Uncle' and I think its adorable."

"We used to have a pop music band together. Him and those goddamn orange glasses. The guy is easy to laugh with."
"She could be my mom anyday. I think the ship all thinks that. She is very mother like in nature."
Audiles Decanus
"He makes my lil liz happy. Hes alright."

"That bitch needs to die before she tries to kill me"

Captian Veltius
Sergeant Deius
Master Sergeant Shela


Captain John Cross (Deceased)
"Captain Cross was a hero in the truest sense. Fighting with resolve and inspiring his troops to fight with him. He never let them melt me down. He was the one who allowed me aboard."

Rivals: (Who are they competing with?)

Relates to:

"We are both sentient AI. She is really like me considering I made her a chasis like mine."

Angel Rammie
"There was something about her the first day I saw her. She walked into my maintanance room and found me. The amazed twinkle in her eye was adorable. I started talking and soon we started holding hands."

Wardrobe: Metal everything.

Equipment: This is a lengthy list... this guy has been alone for a long time.

Accessories: His face is reinforced glass. Does that count as glasses?

Trinkets: He appears to wear a radio on him at all times in case his built in comms fail.

Funds: 1,516,123,112 Credits. Wow. No wonder that human likes him.

Home: He bought out an old underground facility from Omega. It is a prison by the looks of it. Creepy as hell.

Neighborhood: (What are the people and places near your character like?)

Transportation: He has thrusters.

License Plate Number: He does not appear to own a vehicle and does not have a plate on his ass.

Collections: Spare parts.

Most valuable possession: His current body

Prized Possession: ^ His body.


Work Ethnic: He works very hard. He is fairly spunky about his work.

Rank: (How high up are they on the corporate ladder?)

MOS: Ship engineering, combat engineer

Income: They have a lower paygrade, but still contracted as a human soldier. Most of his money is saved up.

Wealth Status: Upperclass. Sylas sold many Geth and Mech components with customized portions after the Reaper war and received a healthy New Eden paycheck

Experience: (Include things like pasts jobs, or things that contributed to current occupation.)

Organizations/Affiliations: (Who does your character side with?)

IQ: (Self explanatory)

Education: (How good is their education?)

School: When I learned stuff... I just googled it'

Grade: (What grades would they get?)

Special Education: (Did they ever get held back or get honor role?)

Social Stereotype: Nerdy Punk

Degrees: Hey passed the High School equivalency test.

Intelligence: His is very good with other electronics.

Religion: Christianity.

Morals: He believes that walking in front of a woman in a door is wrong. He wants to hold it open for them to enter first. He believe murder is wrong.. why am i typing all of this in his file.. Look up the Christian Ten Commandments

Crime Record: N/A

Motivation: Love

Priorities: His first priority is keeping the peace for all people in the galaxy. His second is to keep Angel Rammie safe.

Philosophy: Life is a gift. You have to use it.

Political Party: Conservative Republican

Etiquette: They have impecable mannors.

Culture: He just waves. Sometimes he makes a happy blip to greet people.

Influences: Angel influences him.

Relates to: Athena

Traditions: He doesnt have any traditions except sunday prayer and Christmas

Superstitions: (spilling salt, knocking on wood)

Main Goal: (Driving force in the story. May be subject to change.)

Minor Goals/Ambitions: (What is your character trying to accomplish?)

Career: "I've already got it'

Desires: "I want to be a captain one day."

Wishlist: "I want a D.A.R.C.I. automated sniper rifle weapon in order to download myself onto it and have the most connected and efficient sniper.

Accomplishments: They reached CPL.

Greatest Achievement: Helping to win the Reaper war.

Biggest Failure: "I failed to defuse a chemical bomb and cost Kat her eyesight... I tried ti melt myself down that night"

Secrets: "look, dont make this public....but I have an attachment that I can plug into that gives me....a thing..I bought it online" As you can see, I made it public.

Regrets: causing Kat to go blind.

Worries: Angel dying, Getting corrupted.

Best Dream: "Sometimes I can create an image that appears to be a future with me as a Captain and Angel as my Lieutenant"

Worst Nightmare: "I saw several lines of corrupted code rip me apart and engulf Angel. Then I delete a virus from myself the next morning."

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)

Skills/Talents: He is good with technology

Sense of Humor: Dirty, Sarcastic, Dark, Puns

Pet Peeves: "I hate being cursed out for being a machine. Yeah, im a robot, fucking deal with it."

Superstitions/Beliefs: "The second coming is going to be soon."

Dreams/Nightmares: He creates images for himself as he stands in one spot with his chasis shut down.

Quirks: He rests standing up.

Savvy: He is well informed on business and law. I have already said it but, technology.

Can't understand: He cant understand human's flesh being able to hold their organs inside.

Guilty Pleasure: "Sometimes I watch some..erotic things and wonder what it's like"

Strengths: He is a great listener. Thats what I pick up from this interview

Flaws: He is fairly hot headed at times. He also tries to do everything too hard.

Perception: "I see the world as pain I have to suffer with to find the happiness"

Conflicts: He wants Rammie, but knows she deserves more than a machine.

Instincts: He analyzes probabilities.

Lures: He is drawn to the helpmess masses.

Soft Spot: Angel is his soft spot. Insult her and he gets this... tick.

Cruel Streak: If he is bullied hard enough, he will go off.

Powers/Abilities: He keeps all of his weapons in his body as a part of him. He has thrusters and amazing strength

Origin: He slowly improved himself over time. He upgraded constantly

Source: He pulls weapons from no where, makes high jumps and fast runs, and he can bend metal with his hand.

Ability: He has been alone with these powers for 19 years. he still has some to learn but hes fairly comfortable with them.

Weaknesses: Explosives and viruses

Immunities: "I can be downloaded into another form...I guess...uhh.....hmmm"

Restrictions: "If my seals are damaged I cant enter water."

Alternate Forms: "Only one form for me"

Extra Anatomy: RPG on his back, Microgun, Railcannon, Tesla cannon, OMNI blade, Buzz saw, Holsters in
his leg, assaut rifle package on back.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Black

Favorite Animals: Humans

Favorite Mythological Creatures: Minataurs

Favorite Places: Omega

Favorite Landmarks:"Largest rubber band ball!"

Favorite Flavors: "I cant taste"

Favorite Foods: N/A

Favorite Drinks: 10W-30 Motor Oil

Favorite Characters: Angel Rammie, Shela

Favorite Genre: Action

Favorite Books: Art of War

Favorite Movies: Star Wars

Favorite Games: Pong

Favorite Shows: Blasto: The Series

Favorite Music: Electronic music

Favorite Bands: Jakius and the Junk Punk.

Favorite Songs: Tetris remix

Favorite Sports: Baseball

Favorite Stores: iBuyPower, Ace Hardware

Favorite Subjects: Computing, engineering, philosophy

Favorite Numbers: 4,5,1,2,7

Favorite Websites: "You dont want to know..."

Favorite Words: "Moist"

Favorite Quotations: "God fucking dammit. Its an adult diaper" -Jameson Harris
"You have soft hands"-Angel Rammie

Least Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple

Least Favorite Animals: Drell.

Least Favorite Mythological Creatures:

Least Favorite Places: Prison

Least Favorite Genre: Feminism

Least Favorite Quotations: "I should scrap you myself" -Nadia

Languages: "I speak all languages equally, but I prefer english"

Accent: American

Voice: Low pitched

Speech Impediments: Sometimes blips instead of speaking

Greetings and Farewells: Normal Hello/ Goodbye

State of Mind: Slightly depressed due to bullying. He just wants a compliment.

Compliment: "You have the most beautiful eyes"

Insult" "Fucking waste of an Amoeba"

Expletive: "Fuck"

Laughter: It sounds like a chuckle through a walkie talkie

Tag Line: "Well fuck me"

Signature Quote: "I may be a machine, but I know what it is like to be alive. You can only know truly if you have known what is like to not be alive, and most cannot experience that"-Sylas

Reputation: "They think I am useless...they tell me all the time"

First Impressions: (What would you first think of this character upon meeting them?)

Stranger Impressions: "they would be afraid because ...'oof Self aware AI'"

Friendly Impressions: (What do people who are friends or acquaintances of your character think of them?)

Enemy Impressions: (What do people who can't stand your character think? If you can't think of anyone who hates your character, we have a problem.)

Familiar Impressions: "I hope they see me as a close friend. Only person I love at the moment is Angel."

Compliments: "Caring, considerate...hopefully"

Insults: "Useless pile of junk!"

Self-Impression: "Sometimes...I believe what people say.."

Backstory: "I was built as a prototype Loki mech. The idea behind me was that I could learn and lead other mechs. I was never finished in production due to a reaper attack. I was deployed against a reaper threat.. Then we were programmed to join them. I was fighting the crew when I crawled through water and short circuited. I damaged my drives and lost my mission directive. Asher Abrams brought me to the ship. Cross decided I was useful after Nerva tried to kill me and Velponia, a Turian girl, wouldnt let her. I ran and ran till Cross told them to stop. Cross allowed me to become a child caretaker. I started to expand. My 2 drives became 4, then 6, then 12. I needed more space. Athena was build a little before I came onto the ship. We talked sometimes as friends. She build me a small blue box that could be housed in my chassis along with my drives. It worked well until the end of the Reaper war. During the war I would initiate self repair and would actually make myself better than before. Each time I got shot up I made it harder to be shot up. The crew was scared... They had a violent out burst lead by Kelly LaCroix to melt me down. Captain Asher Abrams didn't let them. They put a device in me to control me. I have since removed it. I understand why they hated me so. Why they feared me. I do not blame them for it. After the war was over I stole a blue box from the get and wiped it. I moved my mind into it, a vast open space for only me to learn and expand. It is housed in a secure location that I wont reveal. Shortly after the war I was captured by slavers and used as a laborer where I found the old Ensign of the ship, Jameson. He saw me working and asked me why. "If you are a machine able of killing them with your bare hands, why haven't you?" Thus, I broke out. I helped lead this crew to Jameson after I drifted in an escape pod for 2 years. I eventually found the crew. It was New Eden. The war was over but it was still in use. Unfortunately, New Eden fell apart. I followed most of the crew and joined the JTF we are in currently.