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Tay Kazi


Oct 9, 2017
> YourName :: Tayman Dieuson Kazi

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Tayman Kazi
Unit Gender: M
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Serviceman Third Class, Rifleman.

Physical Appearance:

Unit Vocals:


Personnel General Information.

Unit training: Basic Training & Advanced Combat Training, Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft.
Unit Assignment: The Prometheus.
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: Skyllian Verge, Elysium.
Unit MOS: 0311
IQ: 80


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: New Eden: "Guess they pay good, fuck a real job nigga."

Blue Suns: "They was the homies that recruited me on Omega, ran with these mofuckas for eight years."

Listed Liked Factions: Eclipse: "Used to get head from a thottie, they ight."

Listed Disliked Factions:
Bloodpack: "Ya'll niggas are fuckin dumb as fuck, Vorcha are fuckin retarded and that's why we ruled the mofuckin' slums, bitch ass niggas."

Alliance: "Bunch of pussy ass niggas that ain't even like their own people anymore, shit is corrupt as fuck."

Listed Neutral Factions: Asari Commandos: "They bad bitches for real though."

Hostile Factions: Reapers: "Really bruh?"

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Liked: Romm: "He's cool, a fellow Marine and racially persecuted, my nigga."

Neutral: Everybody on the ship - "Nobody talks to me and I don't talk to any of ya'll, I keep my relationships professional in this line of work, nigga."

Disliked: Damien: "Yeah, he was talkin' mad shit on a nigga for real, so I was like square up and he shrugged it off, he a pussy for real."

Fenaavi: "Alien bitch put her hand over my mouth cuz' she was talkin' shit tryna' cover up racist shit towards humans, so back the fuck off thot."




If you want added, ask.

Young Tayman and his momma, they've lived on Omega for as long as they could reminisce. What brought them there is the boy's father, a low life pirate who often left the apartment for days at a time just to come home broke. Food was scarce with the low income of money, Tayman's mom worked long hours at Aria's club as a dancer. Tayman grew up in a small sector full of human inhabitants, crime was rampant and it was a dog eat dog world down there. His mother tried her best to keep her son out of trouble, but this didn't stop him from joining a gang at age fifteen, the 1400 Omega Crips. He joined with his two childhood friends, Devon and Anthony Wright, two brothers that live in the apartment next to Tay and his mom. The kids frequently hung out near the Omega club, usually smoking cigarettes and the occasional blunt stuffed with Creeper. Tay and his two friends joined the gang, mainly for protection against violent aliens who'd come and terrorize the local human population of the slums. At fifteen he carried an illegal M-3 Predator pistol made for civilian use, he toted it around the block whilst he went from each trap house controlled by the gang, he's supposed to be guarding the entrance to the trap in case there are any rival gangs or aliens in the area.

He was paid in legitimate credits, so he had money coming in and food put onto the table. His father however was fed up with the life in the slums, so he saved up and left his girlfriend and Tayman behind to fend for themselves. Thus, Tayman became the man of the house, the sole provider. A few years later, Tayman was already used to the gang banging lifestyle of the Omega slums, until he and his two friends were walking down the sector. A tinted skycar rolled up slowly towards the group of kids and the right side window rolled down, next thing one of the young Turians from a rival gang, he aimed out of the window, and all in a row he fired five shots. Two out of the five shots missed, but the other three hit Devon and Anthony, two hit Anthony right around his heart and dropped him, the other pierced right through Devon's lung so he fell. The Turian kept firing at Tayman, but he turned around and pulled out his M-3 Predator so he can shoot back two times and missed, then the car sped off. Tayman ran back to the murder scene, noticing that Anthony wasn't moving, Tay started to tear up as he goes down to his knees over a dying Devon, Tayman wraps his arms up and underneath of his dying childhood friend and he starts to open his heart out to him while he still takes his last breaths. In the midst of time, Tay lowers Devon down to the ground and runs after a payphone, slipping an illegal credit card inside only to call their mother, Tayman was about a block away from the murder scene until a local Blue Suns patrol scans over the area and notices the two dead young men, so they go in and clean up the mess.

Tay raises his hood overtop of his head as he walks down his block, he tries to hide that he's troubled and destraught over the death of his two friends, but he couldn't face their mother and not even his own mother at the time. So he went to the last person that anybody would think Tayman would talk to; his father, so Tayman arrived on the block and knocked on the door, the older man opened the door and looked down at Tayman, this is what he said, "Lil' man, why you knockin' on my door at three o'clock in the mofuckin morning, huh?", Tayman mustered up the courage to talk back to his father, and he said, "They killed Antoine, and Devon!" he screamed out in fury. His father's face just went from happy to a dim, bleak, and sad face, "Well, son. I can't do anything for ya', I'm sorry that your boys died but I can't do anything, my advice and take it, go home, tell ya' momma that you lover her, and tell their momma about it.", Tayman nods his head as he pulls up his jeans, he said goodbye to his father and shut the door. Now he walks home to his worried mother, once he gets there he is bombarded with worried shouting, hugs, and kisses from his mother, "Where have you been Tayman Dieuson Kazi!? I heard gunshots and I was so worried about you!", Tayman hugged his mom with tears down his cheeks and he says, "Momma...they..they...", his mother shakes him by the shoulders, "What'd they do? What'd who do? Who?" she says in panic, Tayman finally reveals the information to his mother, "The Dreads...they found us walking from Aunt Trisha's house...they killed Anthony and Devon!", at that moment of time, the Anthony and Devon's mother just came home from Aria's club, still dressed as a waitress with grocery bags in her hands, she looks at Tayman and says, "Tay, where's the boys?", Tayman stopped crying for a second and he almost turned white for a second, he walks over nervously and he stutters to explain what happened to the two boys that Tayman basically brought into the gang...the mother was dreadful and furious, she started crying and hugging Tayman.

About a few years later, after the deaths of Anthony and Devon Wright. Tay took the ASVAB in order to join the Alliance Marine Corps, he was transported from Omega to a base camp on some planet that Tayman doesn't know about for basic training, and then multiple other places for arctic training, jungle, desert and water. He was deployed during the Reaper war, which he served faithfully for about four years until he was dishonorably discharged for striking a commissioned officer in a blackmail attempt to get Tayman to do crime while in the service. He returned home to Omega to see his mother, and back to the gang shit with his old friends. He got plenty of tattoos on his body in order to remember Anthony and Devon, plus his gang. One day he walked back home to his mom's house just to see a Blue Sun's recruiter sitting at the kitchen table with his mom, just talking about him. He was a Turian of about six foot eight, he towered overtop of Tayman and of course he was carrying a Predator, the Turian laughed a little bit and offered him to sit down, Tayman wondered about it but he never really cared, or noticed that he signed up a form saying that he would join the private security organization.
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Feb 11, 2017
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