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Tela Iallis Dossier


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Mar 13, 2017
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Tela Iallis Selected.

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Full Name: Tela Iallis
Pronunciation: TE-LAH E-ALL-EHS
Nickname/Alias: Ia (EH-YA)
Meaning: Understanding.
Origin: Ancient Asari dialect hinting the names associated with understanding, and love.
Title: None at the moment.
Pet Name: Grew up being called blue berry, but is open to better names than such.
ID Number: Currently unassigned, will likely get one soon.

Gender: Mono-Gendered (Female)
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Straight, but always open to new encounters.
Real Age: 134
Age Appearance: Young adult, yet matured as her body has already fully grown to her adult shape.
Birthday: September 8, 2054
Birthplace: Niacal
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Immediate Family: Theris Lisela (Father) | Meridi Iallis (Mother)
Parenting: Strict
Upbringing: Tela was raised under the belief to always cherish your bonds, believe in yourself and those around you, and always love the one who deserves you most.
Infancy: They were nurtured well, but also sheltered, her parents didn't want other Asari to know of her being a pureblood.
Childhood: Very rough and challenging, people always say kids are the meanest out there and they are right, Tela endured constant bullying, and foul eyes from her birthright she was given, but she never gave up.
Adolescence: After getting into a fight with the local bully at her school most Asari stopped bothering her, calling her a pureblood, and life had essentially become much more simple for a long time coming. Tela also found herself under the watch of a Matriarch by the name of Julin who trained her.
Adulthood: They finally found something that mattered to her, and that was being a Asari that excelled in biotic combat and diplomacy, using what she learned to train into being an Asari Commando. An elite member of her peoples military strength, quickly using that to find employment with many different companies.
Coming of Age: Tela finally grew into a matured individual after their first fight at the age of 16, realizing how important it is to stand up for oneself.
Evolution: They are very firm and resolute on topics that they care about, a strong military presence and a very caring individual who loves to meet new faces.

Species: Asari
Blood Type: Unknown, but purple like all the rest.
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous as part of her training.
Facial Type: Round
Eye Color: Light Brown with a small tint of grey.
Skin Tone: Pale blue, very similar to pale blue.
Complexion: Light and quite bright.
Makeup: Occasionally wears red lipstick for different events.
Body Type: Mesomorph.
Build: Quite average, slim but with some muscle.
Height: 67
Weight: 128 Lbs
Cup Size: C Cup
Shoe Size: 7.5
Birthmarks/scars: Black marks along her cheeks that run over the bridge of her nose to the other side.
Distinguishing Features: Her crests are that of purely Asari offspring, showing no other traits from any other race, as well as the white lines that run through them to the tips of her crests.

Health: Very healthy, she has never really been sick.
Energy: Quite energetic.
Memory: Their memory is almost photographic, they typically remember meaningful encounters or things they've studied.
Senses: Tela's sight is quite expansive, having taken the traits of Asari to see ultra-violet on the short-wavelength of the spectrum.
Phobias: Darkness, nearly debilitating.
Addictions: Has been known to drink heavily as of her age.

Style: Nerd but very in the know with certain things.
Mode of Dress: Typically tighter dresses to show her form and gather attention, typically out to make an impression when seen in a dress.
Grooming: Extremely well kept.
Posture: Suggestive, yet, reserved equally.
Gait: Slower than the average person.
Coordination: Very fit, with sharp reflexes as a result from their training sessions they have gone through.
Habits and Mannerisms: They tend to apologize excessively.

Scent: Quite good, only strong enough to where you'd smell her if you sat besides her.

A cheerful mood, Tela is almost always out so make the most of the day.
Attitude: She seems to have no lack of ability when it comes to meeting new people, people would probably describe her as very friendly.
Stability: Tela seems to be quite emotionally consistent, unless under the influence.
Expressiveness: Tela will always tell you how it is, no matter what.
When Happy: Endless grins or smiles.
When Depressed:
Hides away, usually in her quarters or somewhere only she knows.
When Angry: Punches walls, causes injury through biotic manipulation.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: Currently nowhere as she is in that stage of life where she constantly moves through the galaxy to find greater purpose.
Enemies: Asari who look down upon pureblooded Asari.
Heroes: Matriarch Aethyta, someone that she met on a trip to Illium who taught her many great ideas.

Wardrobe: Their closet typically consists of dresses, a few blue work uniforms and a battle suit or two. Tela will typically prefer the dresses over anything else, unless of course, in combat.
Equipment: A holo-pad on her left forearm, with a Scorpion pistol on her right hip.
Accessories: Piercings: Navel, nether regions. Tattoos: Upper back (A large tree, colored pink and red, symbolizing family links), left thigh (A small memento to remember her trainer) and right calve (Small saying from her mother, "Never lose hope.").
Trinkets: A necklace from her father, which she holds quite dearly.
Funds: They are very wealthy, considering their parents occupations, they freely transfer money to Tela should she need any. Typically carrying a few hundred thousand credits at a time.

Occupation: Commando Asari, and Self taught engineer.
Work Ethnic: They'll work to the bone, and continue even after that point.
Rank: PVT, but hopes to quickly climb up.
MOS: Commando, no designated position within.
Income: Average of 100K credits per year.
Wealth Status: Upper class.

Morals: Tela always finds those that take advantage of the weak inferior to anyone, so she always tries her best to make sure people are treated equally.
Motivation: Love, and continuing to prove purebloods aren't weaklings.
Etiquette: Generally pretty good, but around the right person they let up.
Secrets: Enjoys spying on people.

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)
Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)
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Pet Peeves: (Similar to dislikes, only more relating to human behavior than specific objects. Ex: When people tap on things or when people say "You're not fat!" when you really are)
Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

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Flaws: (Refers to negative personality traits, not a weakness. Make sure it's a deep flaw that could actually affect your character, not something trivial like "She can't dance". [Ex: Lies constantly, socially backwards, hot-tempered])
Perception: (How does your character generally see the world?)
Lures: (What are they inexplicably drawn to be near? Ex: Power, money, the helpless)
Cruel Streak: (What makes a character act against their usual morals, and act especially mean? (everyone has something that can do this to them))

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Favorite Landmarks: (Ex: Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore)
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