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Trauma's Personnel File

The Fezz

Retired Senior Staff
Years of Service
Jul 2, 2017
New Jersey
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Personnel File: Trauma

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Name: -Redacted-
Nickname: Trauma
DOB: -Redacted-
Planet of Birth: Earth

Country/State of Birth: United States Of America, New Jersey

Branch of Service: United Nations Space Command Navy
Battalion: Prowler
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • Jet Pack Certified
-Name Redacted-, known by his nickname Trauma, grew up in the United States of America in the state of New Jersey. Growing up, he aspired to join the military as his past relatives had before him. Thorough out his career in school, he obtained good grades, and stayed out of trouble. One day, Trauma made the decision to join his local First Aid Squad, due to him having a slight interest in Medicine and Healthcare. He enjoyed it so much, that he became a certified Emergency Medical Technician. Due to his new found love of healthcare and medicine, Trauma put his plans to join the military on hold, and attend college to become a Nurse. After four years of College, and 2 years of post-graduate school, he obtained his Master of Science in Nursing degree. After some years working in the field, he acquired a taste in the field of Critical Care and Trauma Care, both in the Pre-hospital and Hospital setting. One day, while working, he was tasked with caring for a potential terrorist who was shot by Police Officers. He threatened officers with a bomb, but no vest or belt could be found. As he opened the back doors to the Ambulance to take the patient into the hospital, the patient literally exploded. This bomb that could not be found, was actually inside the patient, investigators later found. Trauma was thrown back, and away from the ambulance and suffered major burns to his face. This is how he received his nickname once he joined the Military.
After getting out of the Hospital, Trauma enlisted with the UNSC, completed his training, and was placed into Marine Battalion Victor 2-2. Once with Victor, he obtained his MED certification in order to continue his passion for healthcare. After taking the certification course, he was immediately promoted to the rank of Medical Officer, due to his civilian medical service. Trauma eventually left the Marines to join one of the Special Recon Groups knows as the Prowlers. There, trauma was able to provide advanced lifesaving care to the troops on the ground rather fast with the help of the Prowler's Jetpacks. As time continued, Trauma obtained an EOD certification and was further promoted to the rank of Medical Scientist. Trauma also reached the rank of CPO.
Recently, Trauma was promoted to the Medical rank of Chief Medical Officer by Doctor Robo. Trauma continues to serve in the Prowlers and continues to provide advanced Medical Care to this day.

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