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Zeratul Mission Log#1


Ex-Warlord and GenSec meme
Years of Service
Oct 12, 2017
Next to a bank, Gun Shop, and a bar.
Welcome: please provide Name, Rank, and Role within the HoJ
Name: Zeratul
Rank: War Chieftain
Role: War Chieftain of the Infantry

:::::::::::::Access Granted::::::::::::::

Log Report #1 beginning:

I was not apart of the initial assault, but a few of my Brutes were i think Tulak. The thing that i had noticed right away is that it was a human colony and if past experience could remind me is that Human colonies were.... Antagonistic of UNSC, SoS, but HoJ i don't know if they even know who we are, but they always know what we are. Skipping the boring parts of me getting to different objectives I have to admit that the Human Rebels were very irritating, I do recall finding some humans and after trying to get them to comply to a regulated search kept struggling, but they were let free after the search. A few minutes go by and a 'younger Human' was looking for some relative and either way he had to submit to a search for any contraband or bombs of any type... may have dislocated his arm but hes a grown man he can live.
::::::::::::::::Section file unblocked to current residence of SoS/HoJ and UNSC compunds:::::::::::::::::
I do not regret what i did that day and well some people look trust worthy and some dont, its a matter of how a person views it but the fact that I found one Resident with a brute in his van and from the looks of it was a Honor Gaurd lying there dead, that man had decided his fate and so did his wife in putting the dead brute in the van.
:::::::::Ending Log (Comments Blocked::::::::

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